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Healthy employees are the most valuable assets for any organization. A company cannot run a business with an unhealthy and unhappy workforce. Employees’ health and well-being have a direct impact on the organization’s productivity and growth. That is why promoting health at work is important for organizational success. A company should invest in a suitable corporate health check-up package to make its workforce healthy. Regular employee health checks help corporates to take care of their employees’ health and wellness at all times.

Top 10 Benefits of Employee Health Checks for Corporates:

1. Selection of right Candidates: Having a healthy workforce contributes immensely towards the growth of the organization. That is why many companies undertake pre-employment health check-ups to be able to select the right candidates for the job.

2. Employee Health Awareness & Prevention: Employee health check-ups can detect various health issues that are asymptomatic or haven’t started to show any symptoms yet. If these health problems go undetected, they could become severe, leading to employee absenteeism and impacting business productivity. Regular health check-ups help to detect and control illnesses at early stages and prevent further complications.

3. Reduced Health Risks: Onsite health screening for employees helps to minimize health risks and the medical costs associated with regular health check-ups. With the timely identification of health hazards, the cost of regular health check-ups becomes negligible as compared to the cost of medical emergencies, and absenteeism at work.

4. Increased Productivity: Empowering employees via regular health screenings boosts their morale, encourages them to work harder, and decreases absenteeism, resulting in increased productivity. Offering health check-up benefits to employees increases their motivation to care for the company and strive for its growth.

5. Increased Cost Savings: Health check-ups benefit corporates financially in the long run.

• Tax Savings: Offering perks like employee health check-ups can benefit companies by saving money on taxes. It is easier for corporates to pay for employee health benefits than to pay higher salaries to the staff. This will eliminate payroll taxes also.

• Reduced Sick Pays: Sick pay can be very expensive for corporates. So, with employee health checks detecting health issues in time, there will be lesser sick days taken by employees. This saves corporates from paying huge sick pays or wasting time and money looking for replacement staff.

• Reduced Insurance Costs: Corporate health check-up packages can help in lowering insurance costs too.

6. Improved Mental Health: Providing employee health check-ups and other screening services makes the workforce healthy. Furthermore, good physical health and fitness help to reduce stress to a large extent and keep the employee mentally fit.

7. Increased Employee Morale & Satisfaction: Happy and healthy employees add great value to any organization. Employment perks, such as health check-ups and health insurance, are the most important benefits that keep employees happy and satisfied. That is why corporates should make health checks a priority benefit for employees while hiring.

8. Employee Retention: With increased job satisfaction, happiness, and morale, health checks entice employees to stay longer with the company. Employees realize that the organization genuinely cares about their wellness. This realization strengthens employees’ trust and confidence in the company and boosts employee retention.

9. Strong Organization Culture: Corporates need to build a strong organizational culture and be seen as caring about the well-being of their staff. Employee health checks show that the company values its employee’s health and welfare, which helps to build a healthy organizational culture.

10. Enabling Safe & HealthyWork Environment: Any company that values the health of its employees will actively invest in providing a safe and positive working environment at the workplace. Moreover, regular employee health checks help to ensure that any workplace health issues are identified and properly addressed before they become severe. A safe and healthy workplace also helps to attract and retain talented employees.

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