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All Your Questions On The Corona Vaccine Are Answered Here !!!

This is our small effort to clear the doubts about the coronavirus vaccine. Please find below a list of questions and answers regarding this vaccine.

Attempts have been made to answer questions about the corona vaccine in the minds of the general public. When will the vaccine be available in India? Which vaccine will be chosen? Will everyone get it or not? Will vaccination be mandatory? That the vaccine is safe? We have tried to answer such questions.

How long will the covid vaccine be available?

Answer: Corona vaccine tests are in the final stages. The Government of India is in the final stages of preparing to vaccinate Covid-19.

Is the vaccine tested in a short period of time safe?

Answer: The vaccine will be available to the general public only after the vaccine is approved by the regulatory body.

Will everyone get vaccinated at the same time?

Answer: The Government of India has selected some groups according to the availability of vaccines. They will be vaccinated for the first time. Because they are more insecure. The first group includes corona warriors working as health care and frontline workers. In the second group, those above 50 years of age with comorbidities

Which vaccine will be chosen?

Answer: The drug regulatory body is examining reports on vaccine tests. Vaccines that are more safe and effective will be licensed. Both the vaccines are good and providing enough protection against the corona Virus, However, take the full dose of the same vaccine, not two different doses.

How often should the vaccine be given?

Answer: There will be two doses of vaccine. There will be a gap of 28 - 55 days between the two doses, depending on Vaccine.