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Corporate Health & Wellness Process - Steps Towards Healthier You

Health & Wellness Checkup Package

Welcome to PrognoHealth – Your Corporate Health & Wellness Specialist!

Progno Health is Corporate Health & Wellness Specialist that provides an extensive range of corporate health check-ups and wellness services pan India. 

How Does It Work?

The entire process from selecting a health check-up package to delivery of reports and doctor consultations is quick, easy, and smooth. Here’s the step-by-step process on how it works.

Step 1: Package Selection.  Health Checkup & Wellness

The first step towards employee health & wellness is to choose from our wide range of health check-up packages or get a customized health check-up package designed by us. 

We offer:

       ·        Standard Health Check-up Packages as per your sectors

       ·        Customized Health Check-up Packages to cater to special change requests

       ·        Newly-designed Health Check-up Packages to cater to unique testing needs

Our packages cover end-to-end diagnostic services, including all types of pathology, radiology, and cardiology and advance diagnostic tests offered by different service providers pan India. We have NABL-accredited lab and diagnostic centers, as well as NABH-accredited hospitals empanelled with us as service providers.

Step 2: Appointment Booking.  Health Checkup with wellness

After you have finalized your package, the next step is to book an appointment to get your tests done at one of our health centers. We have a standardized appointment booking process throughout India. Employees and corporate can conveniently make bookings via our app-based/web-based appointment management system.

We provide support through:

         ·       24/7 Call Centre

         ·       Dedicated emails to send queries

         ·       Dedicated account managers to look into all the queries related to their respective client accounts

Step 3: Visit the Health Center

After the appointment is confirmed, a person needs to visit the chosen health center on the appointed date and time only once to get all the tests done. We also offer a home collection service Pan India.  

Step 4: Receive Test Reports  Corporate Health Checkup & Wellness

After completion of all tests, the person receives his test reports online that are downloadable for individual records. We also send hard copies of reports to our customers by courier. These reports get saved as health records on PrognoHealth’s secure platform for every individual

Step 5: Doctor Consultation

After receiving reports, we schedule telephonic and video consultations with our empanelled doctors to discuss the health report in detail, understand any identified health conditions, and the next steps.

During the consultation, the doctor may:

           ·       Advise further tests

          ·       Dedicated account managers to look into all the queries related to their respective client accounts

           ·       Refer to a specialist for further consultation

          ·       Give post health check-up advice

Step 6: Health Analysis & Data-Driven Reports

After a doctor’s consultation, PrognoHealth provides Health Analysis to every individual. Based on the analysis, we send automated alerts and reminders to ensure that the individual follows the doctor’s advice.  
Pre Employment Health Checkup & Wellness

We also conduct Health Analysis of employees at a Corporate level. PrognoHealth prepares comprehensive Data-driven Reports for the HR Department of a company, giving the break-up of the number of employees having specific health issues and what measures to take next.

Step 7: Recommendations for Corporate Health & Wellness

Based on the data-driven reports, we make the recommendations to corporate to ensure overall health & wellness of their employees:

          ·       Health & Wellness Activities and workshops

         ·       Diet & Nutrition Talks

         ·       Health Talks & Wellness Webinars

         ·       Yoga & Meditation Sessions

         ·       Zumba sessions  Annual Health Checkup & Wellness

         ·       Session on Healthy Recipes

         ·       Counseling, and more!

Complete Flexibility with Our Stand-Alone or Packaged Services:

At PrognoHealth, we can provide any test, wellness program, or other health service either individually or as a package. These give full flexibility to our customers to select and pay only for the services they wish to utilize.

If you are a company looking for the most reliable Corporate Health Check-up Packages or Corporate Health & Wellness programs, then  Contact PrognoHealth  or call us on +91 9510650660 to know more about our corporate healthcare services today!

Corporate Health Check Ups

India's First Choice for Corporate Health & Wellness Programs

Healthy employees are the building blocks of any organization. When employees are healthy, both physically and mentally, the business also flourishes. So, a healthier and happier workforce is more efficient and productive. But when the workforce is unfit and unhealthy, organizational productivity is lost by many folds due to low levels of energy, lack of concentration, and frequent absenteeism. That is why companies well-understand the importance of  wellness at work  for their employees. But despite this awareness, are corporates providing a conducive work environment that supports employees’ health and  wellness at work ?

In a highly-competitive corporate world, employees go through a hectic work schedule, have to meet monthly targets and deadlines, continuously sit at their work stations for long hours, eat fast food frequently, sleep for lesser hours, deal with constant work pressure and remain stressed most of the time. This kind of work culture and unhealthy ways of living are bound to take a heavy toll on employees’  wellness at work . Many employees develop lifestyle diseases, such  as hypertension, diabetes, heart ailments, and even certain types of cancers. These diseases remain asymptomatic and go unnoticed for a long time until they become chronic and reach late stages. That’s when the treatment becomes complex, expensive, and difficult to manage.

With the rising rates of job burnout, work-related stress, and lifestyle diseases, modern-day companies have stepped up their corporate health & wellness efforts to keep their talent pool fit and healthy at work. Most corporates and organizations are increasingly emphasizing employee health management at all levels so as to empower employees to prioritize their personal health and wellness goals.

Laying emphasis on the well-being of employees plays an important role in employee satisfaction and retention. The key outcomes of such efforts include optimal health, maximum productivity, and a better sense of wellbeing.

To reap these benefits, companies, big or small, are now mandating regular health screenings and check-ups for their employees. They are actively investing in a number of  corporate health & wellness  packages and  wellbeing programs.

When it comes to selecting the best Corporate Health Package as well as the best Corporate Healthcare Services for your employees, then choose PrognoHealth. We provide some of the best solutions that help corporates to fully secure the health of their employees and thereby improve organizational productivity.

Annual Health Packages

The lack of work-life balance takes a heavy toll on an employee’s health and wellness. And to deal with the situation, many employees end up adopting unhealthy habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, binge eating and more, that usually make the situation even worse. Such unhealthy habits create more stress and develop lifestyle diseases like Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart disease, Cancers, and more.  With regular corporate health check-ups covered under Annual Health Packages, lifestyle disorders can be detected much earlier and treated successfully.

Corporate Health Check Ups

Another advantage of regular Annual Health Package check-ups is that the chance of losing a talented and valuable employee to unforeseen sickness is greatly reduced. So, these regular check-ups become helpful not just for employees but for the companies as well! 

Corporate Health Checkup


To ensure consistent business growth, it is essential that a company retains a healthy workforce. That is why it is important to ensure the health and wellness of every new employee before he/she joins the workforce. 

At PrognoHealth, our Pre Employment Packages include health check-ups that ensure a candidate’s health and fitness to perform the set of tasks that he is being hired for.

Pre Employment Packages help to detect any past medical conditions which the candidate may not have mentioned during the interview. This helps companies to make informed decisions during the hiring process.

In essence, a Corporate Health Package is nothing but a form of Preventive Health Package for employees that help to prevent sickness and health issues caused by poor lifestyles. The ultimate goal of preventive health check-ups is to maintain the good health of employees throughout their employment with the company.

Corporate Health Checkup & Annual Health Checkup

We at PrognoHealth believe that if India has to become a wealthy nation only way is to have healthy & young working populations. Only Healthy India can become Wealthy in India. PrognoHealth is India’s emerging Healthcare service provider brand based in Pune having its presence Pan India, specializing in preventive health checkup Corporate Health & Wellness Checkups for Individuals & Occupational Health check up. We are taking Preventive & Corporate Health & Wellness Checkups to the next levels by offering Health Checkup packages along with our proprietary Electronic Health Record Management to maintain all your health records at one place in the secured environment as per international security & privacy standards. With our exclusive network partners, we provide Health Checkup services in Pune and across 29+ States, 750+ Cities with 1000+ Network Centers in India.

For Corporate we have customized plans for Corporate Health Checkups and wellness health plans that have been well received by leading industries in BFSI, Retail, IT/ITES, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Telecom, Hospitality, Media, E-Com, Transport & logistics companies. We have conducted thousands of whole body screenings, annual/executive Coporate Health & Wellness checkups, Pre-employment Health checkups with Health & Wellness checkupsOccupational Health checkup screenings & individual health checkups with tens & thousands of happy customers.

Our exclusive tie-up with India’s leading Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers & Path labs for providing affordable, accessible & transparent Health & Wellness checkups at onsite, health centers & home service.

Corporate Health Check up

Our mission is to provide hassle-free, quick & quality health services that are affordable & cost-effective. You can choose from our packages that are designed by leading Heart Surgeons, Kidney Specialists, Cancer specialists, Gynecologists, Pathologists, Radiologists, if that does not suit you our team of doctors can customize a package that is based on your family, personal history & current lifestyle.

Go India & get healthy with PrognoHealth’s  Preventive Health Checkup packages that will save future hospitalization cost & will make you & your family healthy & wealthy.

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Corporate Health Checkups & Wellness Services 

PrognoHealth is a unique healthcare ecosystem, designed to spread awareness about preventive health checkup and save lives through a state-of-the-art diagnostic center and alliance partnerships with leading healthcare providers (doctors, specialists, specialty hospitals, allied service providers and insurance firms). As part of our unique initiative, we offer a gamut of Health Management Packages for Individual ,  Pre & Post Insurance Check-ups, Health Advisory Services, and  Electronic Health Records (EHRs). All these services are provided so that we can improve the quality of life for individuals and prevent lifestyle diseases.