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What is a Full Body Checkup & why it is important?

We all know the famous adage: Prevention is better than cure. People need to take care of their health right from a young age, so they don’t undergo serious health problems later in life. That is why an annual full-body health checkup is recommended for all age groups. However, many people are either not aware of the need for a regular health checkup or tend to take their health for granted. They should understand that taking care of their health now saves them from spending a fortune on curing an illness that went undetected or ignored.

What is a Full Body Health Checkup?

1. A comprehensive, full-body checkup is an extensive whole body checkup that diagnoses a healthy body and evaluates its health status thoroughly.

2. It helps in the overall assessment of all organs and systems of the body.

3. A full body health checkup includes a wide range of tests that give an insight into the current health condition of a person.

4. It covers more than 60 tests to confirm the healthiness of each organ of the body, including kidneys, heart, lungs, liver, eyes, bones, thyroid, dental, and more.

What Tests are Included in a Full Body Checkup Package?

A whole-body checkup includes the Haemogram, Blood Sugar, Pulmonary Function Test, Lipid profile, Liver profile, Thyroid profile, Vitamin Check, CT Calcium score, ECG, Chest X-ray, BMI, 2D-ECHO, USG Abdomen and Pelvis, Pap Smear for females, Cardiac Test, Lungs Function Test, consultations, counseling, and more.

Full Body Health Checkup for Corporate Employees

Hectic schedules, busy lives, irregular eating habits, and mental pressure at the workplace can rob corporate employees of good health. These justify the need for a complete health checkup to determine the existence of any illness at an early stage.

Benefits of Full Body Health Checkup

1. Early Detection of Hidden Diseases: A regular health checkup helps to detect unknown diseases or health disorders in their initial stages, thereby increasing their chances of getting fully cured. When an illness is detected at the last stage, some internal damage is already done, and it can become the hardest to cure.

2. Diagnosis of any type of Illness: With a full body checkup, it becomes possible to detect any type of illness in any part of the body.

3. Proper Treatment Planning: Early detection of major and minor diseases and early intervention helps to save precious time in treatment planning. Through proper examination and testing, doctors can diagnose and prescribe treatment at the earliest and find a perfect cure. They can guide on the precautionary measures to be taken to avoid further potential damages.

4. Awareness of Potential Threats: The checkup helps to increase awareness concerning potential health threats. Diagnostic tests help doctors to screen early risk factors, provide preventive and less-invasive measures, monitor suitable remedy, and track disease progression.

5. Lower Medical Expenses: Full body health checkups are not very expensive when taken at the right time. But if health checks get delayed, then some illnesses can go undetected and become more severe over time. Then the medical bills become much higher than what they would be when the disease is diagnosed earlier, and action taken on time.

6. Monitor Current Illnesses: If a person already has an illness, then a full body checkup can help doctors understand the exact stage of the disease and monitor its severity and grade. The checkup can give a comprehensive overview of the ongoing treatment and its effectiveness.

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