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Don't Strain Your EYES

All of us take our healthy vision and eyes for granted though we know that, with the advancement of technology, computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets are our new best friends. We are so addicted to these that we forget how much stress we are giving to our eyes. Our eyes are constantly stuck on to the computer screen, as most of us work on computers. Even when we take a break we are on our smartphone! What difference does this really make? And, then, when we find the phone battery below we switch to television. thinking we are taking a rest.

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This constant strain and stress upon the eyes cause a lot of problems in the long run. Eye strain is a symptom and not a disease. it occurs when our eyes get tired from intense use. Not only does excess use of gadgets cause eye strain but driving for a long period of time, reading, or writing continuously, without proper 8 hours of sleep or discomfort due to looking at something for a long time can all cause eye strain.

How do you know that you have eye strain?

*Sore or irritated eyes     *Dry or watery eyes              *Increased sensitivity to light

*Difficulty in focusing       *Blurred or double vision    *Headaches

It can also be accompanied by pain in the neck, shoulders, or back caused by staying in a bad posture for a prolonged period.

It is essential for us to care for our eyes by ensuring proper nutrition and regular eye exercises, which help in reducing eye stress

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What is the right nutrition for the eyes?

*Vegetables like spinach and carrots  *Eggs, nuts, beans, and paneer are some non-meat

*Fish like salmon and tuna proteins which give good nutrition to the eyes.

What are the eye exercises I can do?

*Close your eyes and cover them with your palms without touching the eyelids. Breathe slowly and relax. Allow your eyes to adjust to the darkness. Leave your hands on your eyes for two minutes, then open your eyes.

*Look at the tip of your nose. Focus your eyes there without allowing yourself to blink. Continue this for as long as it feels comfortable, then blink and relax your eyes.

*Without turning your head, look towards your right shoulder. Allow your eyes to focus there without blinking for as long as you feel comfortable, then blink and relax your eyes. Repeat the same exercise with your left shoulder.

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Proper nutrition and simple eye exercises offer many benefits:

*Improves vision *Reduces risk of dry eyes            *Improves concentration

*Lowers the risk of developing eye diseases             *Reduces strain on the eyes

Tips to minimize or avoid CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome)

*Install an anti-glare screen on the monitor.

Use 20-20-20 – Every 20 minutes, look away from the computer screen at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This relaxes your eye muscles, reducing eye fatigue.

*Consider using computer glasses to increase eye comfort

*Use comfortable ambient lighting, avoid fluorescent lighting.

*Get a comprehensive eye examination done at least once a year.

* Include Eye Examination in your Annual Health Checkup. 

“There is no danger of developing an eye strain from looking at the brighter side of things”. – Anonymous

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