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Business is business, and is done to earn money for the business-persons besides salaries for employee. It’s the best win-win situation for every stakeholder. In this situation, imagine what can happen if people of doubtful health and physical condition or those with less-than desirable traits enter the workforce. Besides slowing down things, it could also negatively affect work efficiency, employee morale and workplace discipline. Sometimes, in the absence of proper tests, it may also lead to legal complications and a bad name if those with extremely undesirable ways and traits enter the work-force.

Pre-employment testing is thus of great use for the following reasons:

– It helps to understand the general profile of people needed for a job

– It helps recruit the right person with the right traits

– It helps cut down on costs that may come about due to wrongful hiring of candidates

– It gives the organization a stature of an employer of quality people with quality traits

– It helps to keep the workforce and workplace free of undesirable elements who can run riot and cause grievous wrong to others

What constitutes Pre-employment testing?

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– Pregnancy diagnostic test (for women candidates):

The test is done primarily to confirm pregnancy given that most employers expect a minimum of a year’s uninterrupted service, and is done right at the beginning of the engagement ro root out candidates who are on the family way.

– Haemoglobin test:

Haemoglobin test: Haemoglobin is an element of protein found in the blood that helps carry oxygen and ought to be there in stated quantities in the absence of which the employee or selected candidate is likely to fee tired, breatless, listless and dizzy most of the time- majority of which can be expected to be on the job. If this is confirmed, the employer can root out those who could be inefficient in their work.

– Electrocardiogram (ECG):

The heart is almost like an electrical pump that pushes blood to every part of the body. It’s pulse is almost like an electrical impulse and is what is measured by the ECG machine to determine if the candidate’s heart is working as desired or otherwise. One with a defective heart not only slows down an activity but can be expensive to an organization in terms of medical assistance and out-of-pocket expenses.

– Liver function test:

Liver is an important part of the body and ought to work to its optimum capacity if the person is to stay in great shape, and perform for an organization. Alcohol, chemicals, medication etc are things that can cause immense hurt to the liver, and by extension to the person. Liver testing is done to measure the liver condition vis-à-vis one’s work profile.

– Blood sugar test:

Sugar is energy to the body and is needed in the right quantity to keep the body going in peak form. If it falls below this level or goes above, the body encounters problems almost instantaneously, and if it continues for long, it leaves the body highly incapacitated. Dizzyness, lack of energy, blurring of vision, headaches, swelling etc result which on the job can mean only one thing. Loss of productivity & added financial losses. Doing a blood-sugar test on a new candidate is thus of prime importance.

– Audiometry test:

Places like steel mills, fabrication plants, forging and hammer units etc are some where the ears are put thru a lot of strain and can affect those with sensitive ears. There still might be those occupations where hearing is important and ones with compromised hearing may have a tough time. For these places, audiometry tests are of prime importance.

– Urine test:

Urine carries with it traces of what we consume, both legal and Illegal. Besides informing on the status of health, especially of the liver and stomach, urine also informs the labs if the person is in the habit of consuming banned substances including the likes of cocaine, nicotine, marijuana. The reason behind this particular test is rather obvious. It’s meant to root out those with problematic habits who could otherwise be a continuing nuisance for an organization.

– Spirometry test:

For candidates likely to come from industries emitting noxious fumes, this is a must to understand the status of the former’s lungs. Steel units, chemical plants, even cement and cotton industries are places that are known to affect the lungs. Anyone from these industries applying for job elsewhere ought to undergo this test for the prospective employer to know their exact health condition.

– Complete blood count test:

The blood is one of the best sources to know the status of health of a new incumbent. Disorders, infections, deficiencies like anaemia, jaundice etc are situations that are detected best in a blood count test. Practically every new person has to go thru a complete blood-count test for obvious reasons.

– Renal function test:

Kidneys are a very important organ of the body and their malfunctioning can lead to swelling of body parts, appetite loss, tiredness, dizziness and everything which can slow down work and related efficiency. Thus this test as a way to weed out those with renal issues.

– HBsAg test:

By this test, employers come to know if the prospective employee is infected by the Hepatitis B virus which is a very lethal condition that can lead to organ failure, cancer and sometimes even death. Given its effect and what it can do, most employers insist on candidates undergoing this test.

And for employers in India, one of the best places to get these tests done is at Progno Health Solutions India Pvt Ltd. Among their USPs, the following stand out prominently:

– The first true PAN-India Multi-Brand Health Solution Provider offering revolutionary Health & Wellness programs aimed at bettering employee health for higher productivity

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– An aggregator of leading brands like Apollo Clinics, Express Clinics, Suburban Diagnostics, Care Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals, Sahyadri Hospitals, Spectra Hospitals, Nova Hospitals, SRL, NM, Thyrocare, Dr.Reddy’s, besides other leading hospitals and diagnostic centres across India

– In-house team of some of the most experienced Doctors in their fields who ensure high service quality.

– Easy online platform for booking health check-ups appointment for with just a click of a button.

– Employees can choose service providers as per their choice, convenience and preference.

– Facility to extend health packages to include family members of employees at the same discounted price.

– Single dedicated helpline number for all health screening requirements across India.

– Single dashboard for employer/HR to manage all health check-ups and view reports and analysis.

– Facility for real-time status update of health screening.

– Facility to view and download health reports online.

– Facility across India for collection of blood for tests.

– Corporate Health Analysis with the top 3 concerns.

– Extended wellness services based on the analysis of corporate needs.

– Individual Health Analysis along with Basic Diet Recommendation

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