Importance of Corporate Health Check-up for Companies
25 August, 2021 by
Importance of Corporate Health Check-up for Companies
Progno Health Solutions India Pvt Ltd, Sumeet Chikkmat
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Corporate Health Check-up

An organization including a corporate entity is the sum of its employee’s health and well-being. Better their health, more their productivity, and more the growth and stability of the organization. Times of using employees right down to their bones is a thing of the past for various reasons including costs and the consequence of legalities and unnecessary turnover. The view today is that employees and all those associated with an organization in productivity capacities, ought to be in good health.

Central to the idea of good health of employees is timely information of their health and fitness levels brought in most cases by a Corporate Health Check up. Today we tell you about why it’s a necessity and what happens in its absence. We divide this subject into three parts, new employees, existing employees and management.

- New joinee-employee

Nasty surprises, time-bombs, and new employees without a detailed corporate health check-up have a lot in common. All of them bring grief to an organization (besides the family of course) and in the absence of knowledge that could have led to the appointment of a replacement, lead to immense and entirely avoidable losses. It’s far easier to say goodbye to a yet-to-join incumbent than to do the same to someone who has spent time with the organization. Besides compensation, harassment, and bad blood that it would bring, the biggest minus would be the loss an organization may have to bear in the absence of the right person at the right place at the right time.

Getting onboard a person of established health evidenced by a regular corporate health check-up is an asset. Such a person is sure to be an asset for a long, long time. On the contrary, a person with less-than-optimum health could be a constant drain on resources. A regular corporate health check-up is then necessary to weed-out those whose presence may cause distress later.

- Existing employees

A Corporate health check-up of an existing employee is sure to bring to light existing issues that an employee/ employees may suffer from. Sometimes they even bring out unthought-about issues including cancers, heart condition and condition of other organs that malfunction but not to an extent to case open alarm. Catching them at the right time may help an organization take preventive measures including:

- Increasing health cover that may be deficient at that point in time

- Go for top-up covers to take care of deficient covers

- Tie-up with hospital chains for treatment-related care

- Organize health camps, make employees join gyms and health centers and yoga classes, etc

- Organize counselling sessions for employees (and family) whose tests may have revealed problems that might mentally disturb the sufferer and family.

- Top Management

A corporate health check-up of a very comprehensive kind (the forte of Progno Health Solutions India) is sure to bring out all the issues a person may have, both positive and negative. Where the examined person is in an insignificant capacity, such a thing might not affect much with replacement being found fast. But where the person is part of the top management or ownership, this could be a spot of concern for the very existence of the organization. And besides, it could affect goodwill and reputation which invariably means a lot to the organization. That said, the significance of a corporate health check-up can never be underestimated. In such a situation, the health check-up may help a company:

- Attempt succession planning in an organized manner. An owner with a terminal-state illness is bad, bad news for any organization. On the other hand, knowing about it well in time and bringing on board a second-line or a replacement may give the organization it's a much-needed second lifeline.

- Tie up with hospital chains for the best treatment-related care. This would reduce the stress on managing the organization, and make it less painful for the person suffering.

- Bring about the right non-medical care to the person to bring relief. Ranging from yoga and wellness to last-stage palliative care, the required non-medical care can be organized basis the facts in the corporate health check-up

- Organize counseling sessions for the person and family. An occurrence like this is not without its share of stress for the whole family. A corporate health check-up could be the first point from where counseling sessions could be organized for everyone including the family and near ones.

For an organization, a Corporate Health check-up could point towards its own health. One of the best places to get the most comprehensive of Corporate Health check-ups is Progno Health ( Knowing about the latter and all that it offers could mean the difference between life and good life!

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