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Executive Health Check-up

The Corporate World in the Indian context is a place where competition is growing by the day. There isn’t even a single industry that doesn’t find competition in time. The direct result of this competition falls on the employees of the industry to perform better and more all the time. Of those, the most affected remain at the top, the Executives. Not only do they have to shoulder the burden of guiding the organization towards growth and prosperity all the time.

They also have to take tough decisions with onerous implications. Profits or losses, they are held responsible for both. Long hours, constant pressures, differing job profiles, and frequent travels by themselves bring about stress and a general lack of health. Add to these subsidiary factors including lack of sleep, improper food habits, consumption of alcohol and tobacco, medication and the likes, and what you can get in a human with severe physical complications that going forward may affect not only the well-being of such a person and the immediate family but also the organization which he (or she) is in command.

The existing scenario cannot be changed anytime soon due to ever-increasing competition which will drive people to perform. One thing that can and does help is to know the health of employees well in time to take preventive actions to address the concerns of both the said employee and of the organization. Among preventive actions, the one step which helps immensely is that of timely and extensive Executive health check-ups. Among its USP, the following stand out:

  1. Timely information on the status of the health of key personnel
  2. It helps organizations invest in the right kind of insurances for employees
  3. It helps organizations invest in the right kind of medical facilities for employees
  4. It helps organizations invest in the right kind of counseling and palliative care for employees
  5. It helps organizations plan succession for key positions

One organization that is most prominent in the field of Executive health checkups on a PAN India basis is Progno Health Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. whose reach for the most comprehensive Executive health check-up extends to every part of India- including inaccessible hinterlands that are far away from established urban centers. 

Progno Health Solutions’ USP in the field extends to the following:

Varied packages under the Executive health check-up that cover the entire gamut of tests which number over

Tests include among others the following:

  1. Haemogram or Complete Blood Count
  2. Lipid Profile
  3. ECG
  4. Sonography of abdomen
  5. Blood Sugar Levels
  6. Stress Test
  7. General Physical Checkup
  1. A large number of packages and tests to choose from
  2. Customized packages to take care of each employee’s individual needs and circumstances
  3. Amazingly large network of testing and assessment clinics – over 1000 centers in over 750 cities in 29 states
  4. High on experience- undertaken more than 5 lac screening to date!
  5. Ability to conduct tests at places convenient to employees including their homes, offices besides of course the nearest PrognoHealth clinic!
  6. Presence of the best and latest digitized machines for testing that gives the most accurate of results
  7. Digitized health-related records (EHR)
  8. Additional services including health-risk assessment, consulting and coaching

While it’s pertinent to ensure the health of employees, and more so executives of an organization, it makes immense sense to conduct timely Executive Health Check-ups so as to assess the prevailing health risks at the right time. From experience, we know that such tests sometimes obviate very big problems right in time. As for the best, you get it only at PrognoHealth Solutions!

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