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What’s better, prevention or cure? Full Body Health Check ups !!!

Let’s for a moment look somewhere else to know the difference. A car. You either take it to a mechanic even when it does not show signs of problems as part of a routine maintenance check in which case, all the washing, cleaning, checking, and changing could set you back by a few thousand rupees. Alternatively, you wait till it starts to give problems and they consult a mechanic. Under this option to there will be washing, cleaning, checking, and changing with one major difference. You shall be set back by a few hundred thousand.

The choice is yours. And that’s provided you still care to call such a situation a “choice”.

Something very similar is the case with the human body given the fact that it too undergoes wear and tear, and shows signs of aging. You could either go for an annual health check and know before time what ails you, and take preventive steps and elongate a pain-free life. Or, you could wait till problems come calling and then go to the doctor who would invariably ask you to go for a detailed set of tests besides medication, lifestyle changes, and a lot more. And that would just be the beginning to a long and painful journey down the road of cure which could have been avoided had prevention instead taken precedence.

And in all this, a full body check up is the most vital, Why you may ask.

– Because age starts to affect every part of the body from head to toe. Treating just the heart, lungs, kidney, or liver in isolation may keep that part in the red. But what about the rest? How do you know their conditions unless you investigate them as well? Also with time and age, full body health check up is THE way to go about it given that unlike a vehicle, our body parts are organs are intrinsically interrelated!

– Because the human body, unlike a car, starts showing symptoms of problems in body parts and organs rather late. The body when faced with problems first tries its level best to adjust and fight back. It’s only when things turn really bad that things start to give way, unlike mechanical parts that show wear and tear rather fast. The only way to identify deep-set problems in the human body is to do a comprehensive full body health check every year (if possible)

– Because in the human body issues like cancer (besides others) move from one body part to another, and to know the extent of the problem on hand, one is left with no option but to do a comprehensive full body health check up test.

– Because all our biological problems may not be the outcome of age or immediate causes including wear and tear, accidents, life-styles, and the likes. All of us are a sum total of our genetic make-up, and sometimes those could be the reasons behind problems that could manifest themselves in the forms of diseases. These can and can only be diagnosed well in a full body health check up or full body scan which if done at the right time which is yearly, can lead to their being controlled and a life that is fruitful and relatively painless.

– Because these days the way we live is an invitation to problems. We don’t eat and/ or eat right, hardly exercise, don’t sleep on time and for the required number of hours, are taken to the use of addictive substances like tobacco, alcohol and in some cases banned drugs and substances. We can’t seem to get over these with ease, and the only way to ward of their ill-effects is to go for a full-body scan and take the assistance of an experienced medical practitioner to know where our health is headed and how to roll back the effects.

The other obvious question after you know of its use could be: What constitutes a full body health checkup?

The more important constituents of a full body health check include the following:

– Blood and urine tests, x-ray, ultrasonography, lungs function test, and cardiac test.

– General physical exam including weight, height, blood pressure, pulse rate, etc.

– Blood tests and haemogram to identify infections, anemia & the onset of other diseases

– Lipid profile to help assess cardiovascular stresses

– Liver function tests to assess the functioning of the liver or diagnose liver-related diseases

– Kidney tests to evaluate the functioning of kidneys

– Blood-sugar to measure blood-glucose levels to identify the onset of diabetes or its present condition.

– Chest x-ray to determine organs located in the area

– ECG to determine heart rate and uniformity of heartbeat.

– Ultrasonography for structures in the abdomen including spleen, gall bladder, liver, pancreas, and kidneys

– Urine examination for general health assessment

And the outcomes of these full-body check-ups? WHAT DO THEY DENOTE?? Full-body check ups bring about the following information:

– Clinical history: Basis yearly full-body checks done for a number of years, a medical practitioner can be expected to draw up your “clinical history” which in time shall form the root or base on which a decision is reached, a diagnosis confirmed, and a medical intervention prescribed which could include medication and/ or certain procedures and operations.

– Family history of diseases: Regular full body health checks and that too of family members over generations helps doctors chart out the family tree of diseases so that in times of need, a correct line of treatment can be arrived at to bring a complete or near-complete cure.

– Lifestyle history: Frequent full body health check-ups help draw one’s lifestyle prevailing over the year which could include a history of one’s working style, place, and type of work, place, and type of residence, living conditions including eating & drinking habits, exercise, and general living. These have immense use when prescribing lifestyle changes to bring long-term changes.

– Lifestyle habits: How we eat, what we eat, how and when we sleep, intake of drugs, alcohol, sexual habits, habits related to taking risks, etc also come out in the course of yearly full body health check up and scans. By knowing these, a person can be made to undergo psychiatric treatments where long-term change is expected.

– Day-to-day living: We form patterns in our living right from the time we open our eyes to the time we go back to sleep. It may be related to when we eat when we exercise (if we do), do we take care of cleanliness including bowel movements and dental health, cleaning of the ears, eyes, etc. Bad habits on a daily basis can also lead to life-threatening conditions. A full body health check up or full body scan is one of the best ways of knowing their extent, and the effects they bring. The next course of action, as expected can be a conscious change in daily habits.

Do we still need to tell you that it IS important to go for regular full body health checkups? And if you have made up your mind, we are always there to help you! Call us to know more at +91 9510650660.

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