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Regular health screening and check-ups are key to maintaining the good health of employees, reducing medical costs, and ensuring overall organizational growth. ProgoHealth Healthcare Services include different types of Corporate Health Packages, such as Annual Health Packages, Pre Employment Packages, Preventive Health Packages, and Occupational Health Check-up Packages for working professionals.

The different tests included in the Corporate Health Packages aim to provide a clear insight into an employee’s health status. Once the tests are done, a routine check-up is scheduled with the physician followed by a consultation. During the consultation, the doctor will update the employee about his overall health condition based on the physical examination. If any health issue is identified, then we will also provide guidance on appropriate treatment and management of the health problem.

PrognoHealth’s Corporate Health & Wellness Programs That Work!

Employee wellbeing programs are specially designed to take care of employees’ health and wellness at work and also help them to lead a healthier lifestyle. PrognoHealth wellness programs are perfect for any kind of work environment, such as corporations, offices, factories, and business houses. They are custom-designed to suit workers’ healthcare needs keeping in mind various industrial and occupational hazards.

The main goal of wellness programs is to develop innovative ways of improving employee productivity, reducing absenteeism, minimizing healthcare expenses, and increasing the level of employees’ trust in the company. Programs involving fun and excitement help to make the work environment more relaxing and motivating for employees and bring them all together.

There are different types of employee wellbeing programs for corporates to choose from.

Here are some of the most popular wellness programs that are available on the PrognoHealth platform include:

· Health & Wellness Counselling

· Preventive Health Management Talks

· Stress Management Workshops

· Employee Motivation Programs

· Diet and Nutrition Counselling

· Yoga & Meditation Sessions

· Group Fitness & Workout Regime

Customized Employee Health & Wellbeing Program

Companies also have the option of custom-designing a wellness program based on a number of factors, such as the number of employees, nature of work, location, weather conditions, and others.

If you are a company looking for the most reliable Corporate Healthcare Services, Corporate Health Packages, or Corporate Health & Wellness programs, then get in touch with PrognoHealth. We are a unique healthcare ecosystem that provides the best healthcare services to corporates offered by different providers. Call us on +91 9510650660 to know more about our corporate healthcare services and request a quote today!

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