Pre Employment Health Checkup

What is Pre Employment Health Checkup?

With the rise in lifestyle disease, today employers are more concerned about their employees’ health than ever before. Today’s organizations treat employees as an important asset employers go that extra mile to keep employees healthy & fit. The very purpose of the Pre Employment medical health checkup is to know if an employee is going through any medical condition that is not known to the employer & in case of emergency employers are not prepared to handle the same.

What is Pre Employment Medical Health Checkup?

When you get selected for a new job, before joining, you undergo a common medical test to know if you are healthy, and not suffering from ailment or disease that may affect your day-to-day working. If it is established that you are suffering from any ailment it may not always affect your chances of joining, but you may be given advice & recommendation to cure the same while joining.

Why Pre Employment wellness Health Checkup is required?

To avoid contagious diseases to spread. – If you are suffering from any contagious disease and if you join an organization where other employees are working with you I in close proximity, you may be passing on a disease to other fellow members and putting their health in danger, similarly, you may be contracted with a disease by a new joiner if he is not cleared his pre-employment health check.

Your own Safety – Many cases of color blindness or distance & near vision go unnoticed, and if you are working on a machine with color output or if your job involves driving then you may be putting your own health in danger.

Health – Your health is more important hence knowing that you are healthy can give you the confidence to work fearlessly in your new organization. Similarly, if you have an ailment or disease with a Pre employment wellness health checkup your organization will be more proactive & prepared to handle an emergency situation.

Insurance –Insurance companies may ask for the health record of the new employee to include him in a company’s health insurance plan.

Statutory requirement- As per factories act, new worker joining in factory premises to work needs to undergo a prescribed medical test to know his health status & later to evaluate if the factory environment is harming his health.

What are the Pre employment health check up tests?

There are different packages for Pre Employment Medical checkup, depending on the organization & the work process, the test will vary.

A typical package will have the following tests in it.

  1. Haemogram or Complete Blood Count.

  2. Blood Sugar Levels

  3. Blood Group

  4. Total Cholesterol

  5. Kidney Test -Serum Creatinine

  6. Liver Test -SGPT, SGOT

  7. Chest –X-ray

  8. ECG.

Above is the most common test with doctors (Physicians) fitness certificate. The organization may add a few more tests or delete a few depending upon their experience & work process.

Like for factories Chest X-ray or Pulmonary function test is essential that may not be a part of a company in service or IT sector, In IT sector they are concerned about lifestyle diseases hence may ask for complete lipid profile, Stress test, etc.

Similarly, if you are recruiting a driver or a class four employee then HIV, TB tests along with other tests may be prescribed.

For candidates, it makes sense to go for Pre Employment medical Health Checkup that will help you to understand the fitness levels and if found to be contracted with lifestyle disease, you will be prepared to handle it proactively. Your employers also need to know if you have any lifestyle disease so that they are prepared to handle any emergency if arises

Why Prognohealth?

Best health services from different health service providers offered under one umbrella.

Choice & convenience to your employees to avail health services at any of our network centers

Big savings on your healthcare cost

Customized Health Packages.

PrognoHealth Advantage

We at PrognoHealth understand your concern about your employees' health,  will review your past experience and will work with you to form a Pre employment Health Checkup Policy to make sure that you hire healthy candidates and you are fully aware & prepared to manage any emergency like situation. Our Panel of doctors can design the best package for your employees keeping in mind your organizational goals.

As an HR head, we understand your concerns about managing Pre-employment health checkup, you as an HR has a more important task to perform then following with Hospitals, Diagnostic centers and candidates for health checks, checking if all tests are performed & making sure you get the reports on time.

To free you from all that clutter, we have built our proprietary Digital Health Platform for Corporates & Employers.

With our Digital Health Platform, you can manage Pre Employment health checkup with a click of a button.

Benefits of our Digital Health Platform

There are different packages for annual health checks, depending on the organization and its health goals, packages can be customized.

Still not happy, no problem, mail us the list of candidates with contact numbers & our executive will coordinate & get a health check done. Or simply give our Helpline numbers to your candidates & will manage the rest.

A typical package will have the following tests in it.

For HR/Employers

No Phone calls, No multiple emails, a simple dashboard to manage all health checks online.

Just register a candidate for health check & your job is done, we will manage the rest.

Get real-time status on the progress of the candidate's health check.

Track the candidate’s appointment schedule for the health check.

Reduced TAT for fitness or health report card.

For Employees

No need to travel a long distance to get a health check done.

Easy access to our pan India network of health centers.

Online appointment management.

Select Health Centre near your office or residence.

Manage your health record online.

How it works?

Give us a call & our manager will assist you in customizing the best-suited package for your employees.

Depending on age & male, female ratio separate packages are designed

HR to register employees for the annual health check.

An employee receives access to a personalized dashoard to manage all his health queries.

HR gets coverage of data & critical findings.

With PrognoHealth, you get a standardized health Report Card along with assured quality reporting form our network centers & three-stage validation process from our internal team of doctors to make sure you have healthy employees on board

Our Packages

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