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Bored while working from home Then if you do ‘this’ asana, the fatigue will go away

Feels physically and mentally exhausted many times while working

Bored while working from home Then if you do ‘this’ asana, the fatigue will go away

The entire country has rallied to curb the coronavirus. The country has also declared a lockdown. Not only that, but for the safety of the employees, many companies have allowed their employees to work from home. So many people stay at home and do their office work. But while working from home, everyone has some problems. The biggest problem is feeling physically and mentally exhausted. If you want to get rid of this fatigue and physical discomfort, you can get rid of it through yoga. There will be no stress on the body after doing these asanas regularly.

1. Yashtikasana-

Sleep with your back to your bed or any hard surface every hour after work. Lying down is just as important. Keep the legs aligned. Move the arms to the top of your head, the opposite side of the legs, and stretch the whole body. Stretch your legs downwards and arms upwards. Slowly relax the body tension. This simple posture stretches your spine completely and does not stretch anywhere. You can wipe the eyes to relax the nerves in the eyes.

2. Uttarasan-

When we work at home, we are more prone to pushing our heads in the laptop. In addition to strengthening the spine, we can do a lot of stretching to bend the back. Doing this asana relaxes the neck and relaxes the back. To do this, stand on your knees and support your back with the palms of your hands. Slowly grasp the soles of the feet, leaning backward. Leave your neck behind. Breathe for 6 to 8 seconds as usual and slowly get out of the seat in the opposite direction.

3. Sarvangasana-

To improve blood flow in your body, it needs to be inverted (head down, feet up). When we are sitting for a long time and do not do any physical movement, it is necessary to carry blood flow to every organ of the body. Otherwise, the body simply gathers and invites other physical ailments. That’s why you lie on your back on the ground. Match the legs and slowly lift the legs, lift the waist. Support the back of the arms. Lift the legs and back until only the shoulders, neck and head are on the ground. Make sure your body is in a straight line. Breathe normally in this final position. Then leave the seat in the same steps as the legs and back. Do not put your feet on the ground suddenly, otherwise, the neck may be permanently damaged.

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