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The Monsoon is Here!

Beware of Dengue and Swine Flu

When the wondrous, rejuvenating monsoon descends on us, unfortunately, so does the risk of diseases, One can note the bite of a mosquito or a bacterial/viral infection as the incidence of diseases like dengue and swine flu has increased. Also, with global warming mosquitoes can now reach higher levels and, hence, a greater population is now under threat. Taking some preventive measures to stay safe, thus, becomes essential.

• Ensure stagnant water does not accumulate and garbage is cleaned daily.

• Do not ignore the onset of ATV persistent co-infection

• Clean out water from coolers, AC more often

• Guard elderly and kids as their immune systems are more vulnerable.

• Avoid street food and stale food.

• Drink boiled or filtered water.

Traditional remedies to prevent seasonal diseases and strengthen immunity are also very beneficial. There are many herbs and spices which are simple aids to staying healthy. Here are some tips on how to make use of common household items to guard oneself against health risks.


A spoonful of plain honey or honey blended with lemon and hot water soothes throat infections and fights bacterial infections. A daily dose can boost your immune system and is a pleasant and tasty option, especially for children.


Fresh ginger boiled with water and honey is a great antioxidant and a cure for respiratory problems, especially during the monsoons. It is good for soothing cold and throat infections. Dried ginger with honey is also a popular option.


Granny is absolutely right when she asks you to add turmeric to a glass of warm milk or while cooking a meal. The curcumin in turmeric is a powerful antioxidant that gives you the strength to fight diseases and boost immunity.


Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory – this wonder herb is a blessing to humanity. No wonder that every household plants this shrub and worships it.

Lastly, there is no alternative to healthy eating and some exercise. Even in the monsoons, you can do some exercise at home. Practicing yoga, too, can be immensely helpful. Pranayam and breathing exercises keep the lungs clear and allow plenty of oxygen intake. Performing asanas bring in flexibility, keeping organs healthy, aiding digestion, relaxing the mind, and regulating blood pressure.

An alert and holistic attitude towards health, fitness, diet, and preventive medicines or practices are in rhythm with the old adages, “Health is wealth” and “Prevention is better than cure.”

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