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Avoid the use of Plastic

We use plastic in almost everything today. The use of plastic has increased rapidly. Our foods, Give U

cosmetics and almost everything we buy are packaged in it. Our cars, phones, computers… all have plastic. Even the gum we chew has a little 7 amount of plastid Plastic products cannot be recycled, they can only be downcycled. A plastic milk carton can never be recycled into another carton – it can be made into a lower-quality plastic, which is harmful to health and cannot be recycled.

Plastic is inexpensive and cost-effective, which has led to its widespread use in every industry. But the use of plastic for food and water packaging can cause a lot of health problems.

We need to be very careful with the usage of plastic as it has certain chemicals like SPA, which are bad for our health. SPA is fed to animals like cows and chickens to make them gain weight before slaughter so that they look healthier. SPA is also added to plastic products to make them more durable and long-lasting. The SPA used thus enters our systems and affects our health.

Some of the major effects of the use of plastics are

• Allergies and neurological problems

+ Obesity Type 2 diabetes

+ Deformities of male and female genitals

+ Premature puberty in women

+ Decreased sperm quality

+ Increase in breast and prostate cancers

+ Infertility

+ Miscarriages

There are some alternatives to plastic that are safer and will not cause any health issues:

* Start Using glass or stainless steel water bottles instead of plastic water bottles. These can easily be re-used and would greatly reduce our drinking water’s chemical exposure.
* Switch to reusable grocery bags made of jute or cloth instead of plastic or paper bags. Carry your own bags to supermarkets.
* Replace plastic food storage containers with safer stainless or glass containers. Or Use unbreakable options like silicon.
* Replace plastic food storage containers with safer stainless steel or glass containers. Or use unbreakable options like silicon.
* Buy wooden or metal toys or board or card games for children as the effect of plastic upon children can cause many health issues.
* Use cloth diapers instead of disposable ones; cloth diapers can be reused and are also cost-effective.
* Use microwave-safe glass or ceramic bowls to reheat food instead of plastic.
* Try to recycle as much as you can.

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