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World Arthritis Week – October 7 -13

Arthritis is a general term used to refer to more than 100 different joint-related diseases. Arthritis affects millions of people all over the world every year, Irrespective of age and gender. It is a leading cause of disability, while also taking a considerable financial toll on its patients.

Common symptoms: Pain, tenderness and stiffness around the joints, reduced movement at function, Inflammation, redness, and muscle weakness

World Arthritis Week helps us to raise awareness about arthritis and inflammatory diseases.

Beat arthritis with these simple tips

• Avoid smoking; It can lead to rheumatoid arthritis.

• Physical activity and exercise – cooking, housework, gardening, playing with children and pets – keep the spirits high and the mind and body fit.

• Intake of Omega 3 reduces joints swelling and stiffness. Fish is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Vegetarian alternatives are flaxseed, walnuts, and fish oil supplements.

• A diet rich in vitamin C is essential for patients with arthritis. Eat strawberries, oranges, kiwi, pineapple, cauliflower, broccoli, kidney beans, and cabbage for your daily dose of Vitamin C. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can help beat osteoarthritis.

• Animal products, especially milk, can aggravate arthritis symptoms. So eat fresh, whole foods that supply antioxidants.

• Ginger contains chemicals that are similar to those found in anti-inflammatory medicines.

• Turmeric also helps prevent inflammation of joints.

• Maintain a healthy weight; overweight people find that weight loss reduces the stress on their weight-bearing Joints and helps increase mobility.

• Yoga helps increase flexibility and relieves joint pressure. But ensure that you do not place too much pressure on your joints.

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