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Annual Health Check up or Executive Health Checkup.

If you are thinking about buying an Annual Health Check up or Full body health checkup, this article is for you. In today’s fast pace life your health often gets ignored, many a time not by choice but due to professional & personal reasons, professional reasons could be hectic schedules, closing targets, delivery deadlines, etc, whereas personal reasons, are mainly family commitments, traveling and lack of motivation. You may have other reasons to give but at the end of the day, your body is taking all the beating in the process.
you are where you are because of a healthy body and sound mind, but the body also has limitations, more you ignore it and more you will find it difficult to get your daily routine done effectively, this true specifically after age 30 and more importantly around 40 and above.
Your body is at its peak when you are young like in your 20s, you are carefree, open and most importantly doing more physical activities than once you get into the serious business or job, because of reasons mentioned above we tend to put our health on the backburner and start focusing more on our professional success. In your 30s its start showing on your body by way of your waist size, belly fat and posture deformities, till the time you hit 35- 40 you start realizing that it’s not only showing externally but has started showing its early signs internally also (called as lifestyle diseases) and that’s the time we realize the importance of Health Checkup or as its called Full Body Health Checkup.

In the late 30s as your weight is increasing at the same time because of external & internal pressures your Blood Pressure is also increasing silently, but you don’t realize it and that’s where the damage is about to happen, hence it is very important to monitor your health regularly by the way of regular health check-up.

It is said that Annual Health Check up is important to access your health and avoid longterm damages… Once enrolled and you complete your health checkup you may get to know the exact issues your body is facing in terms of lifestyle diseases like cardiovascular diseases or any other life-threatening diseases.

There are many Annual Health Check up or Full Body health check-up packages available in the market, but it is important to select the one that is suited for your requirements.

How to select the Annual Health Check up packages or Full Body Checkup packages.

As per your age, you may select the packages, if you are in your 30s you may go for a package that has Basic lab tests along with cardiology tests like ECG, Chest X-ray along with recording body Vital Parameters like BP – Blood Pressure, BMI – Body Mass Index, etc along with doctors consultation, if you are in the 40s you may go for an advance package which will have complete blood screening along with advance tests like Stress Test, 2 D Eco, USG along with Doctors Consultations.

How it works

You may select the package as per your age like below 40 or above 40 and buy the annual health check up or full body checkup package online, once the payment is done you will receive a call to fix your appointment at the Network centers near you. The package will have Lab tests like Blood Sugar test, Lipid Tests, Liver Tests, Kidney tests and other radiology tests like X-ray, Sonography ( USG), etc, as per the package selected it will also have Cardiology tests like ECG, Stress Test or trade mill tests, 2D Eco, etc. The said tests are performed as per the MCI guidelines by the qualified doctors and team of technicians. In the process, all your vitals are recorded like Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index, etc. Post health Checkup doctors will review your reports and guide you for the lifestyle changes, diet recommendations required if any, a post that you just follow the recommendations made and lead a healthy life ahead.

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