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Body Pain Triggers.

In our daily life, we experience pain more often, we may not pay the necessary attention to it due to our busy lifestyle. Pain is not bad at all, it is the first sign of any problem in our body pain helps in diagnosing a problem. If you don’t experience pain, you might seriously hurt yourself without knowing it or you might not realize you have a medical problem that needs treatment. Once you realize the problem area and take care of the problem that pain usually goes away. Any chronic pain which is persistent should be evaluated by a doctor, especially if it interferes with work, hobbies, sleep, or daily routine.

10 Reasons & Solutions

Usually, nagging aches and pains are caused by the simple choices we make every day. Learn to avoid them!

Sandals & flipflops: They provide poor arch support, leading to pain in the feet, ankles & knees.

Solution: Wear shoes with proper arch support. If you expect to walk a lot, wear comfortable sneakers.

martphones: We use phones to text, surf the web, and play games. This puts a lot of strain on the thumbs and doctors today see increased cases of arthritis at the base of The thumb in young people.

Solution: Be careful, don’t overdo messaging and surfing. Give your thumbs a rest.

Wallet pain: Keeping your wallet in the back pocket can cause severe back pain & shooting pain down one leg. A bulky wallet may cause causing muscle tension as it put the spine slightly out of alignment.

Solution: Remove your wallet before sitting, especially on the bike and in the car.

Driving: Often people set their car seats at the wrong angle. If the seat is reclined, you may slouch forward to grip the steering wheel. This pulls the head away from the headrest & can cause neck pain.


Solution: Put the car seat in an upright position that supports the head and lower back. Ensure your steering wheel is within easy reach, so your arms not getting stretched ane they are slightly flexed and relaxed.

Laptop cases: Handheld laptop cases put stress on the forearm and strain the elbow. Laptop bags worn over one shoulder can also contribute to back and shoulder pain.

Solution: Use a backpack laptop case that balances the weight on both the shoulders.

Sleep habits: If you wake up uncomfortable most mornings, take a good look at your sleep posture.

Solution: Sleep on your back or on your side with your arms below the shoulder level, Side sleepers can place a pillow between the knees to support the lower back. Back sleepers can use a pillow under the neck and beneath their knees for correct posture

Skipping meals: Skipping meals causes the blood sugar to dip and can trigger headaches too.

Solution: Eat nutritious and small meals at regular intervals. Eat snacks that combine protein & whole grains.

Lifting heavy items: A major cause of back pain is lifting heavy articles the wrong way. A common mistake is bending forward to lift an object then straightening the back as you lift. This forces your back muscles to take the brunt of the weight. Twisting while you lift is also dangerous.

Solution: To lift correctly, bend the knees and hips till you are squatting. Keep the back upright. Pick up the object and lift with the leg muscles by straightening the knees and hips,

Workstation: If you are using poorly positioned chair chances are high that it can cause you to slouch forward, straining the back and neck. A monitor mars too low or too high will also strain the neck.

Solution: Place the monitor with the top of the screen at your eye level. Your chair position should be such that you’re sitting straight with your feet touching the floor comfortably Use a cushion to support the lower back if needed.

Eyestrain: Headaches that are centered behind the eyebrows may be due to eyestrain. Eyestrain may occur when you have uncorrected vision problems, such as nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Solution: Schedule a yearly eye exam and see if you need corrective lenses. If you already wear glasses, it may be time for a new prescription.

So next time if you have pain, don’t ignore it, take the above-mentioned steps and if it still persists do show it to your doctor, we at PrognoHealth offer doctors consultation with our annual health checkup, executive health checkup or any other health screening.

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