Yoga & Meditation: The Key To Corporate Health & Wellness

The workplace can be the largest source of stress for employees. While stress is inevitable, many companies can help their employees manage stress and even become more productive by offering meditation and yoga programs. Research indicates that employees who took part in yoga and mindfulness exercises, techniques, and activities had a nearly 30% decrease in their stress levels and a 20% improvement in their sleep quality. Reduced stress and better sleep have a huge impact on employees’ performance and healthcare plans.

However, most wellness programs fail to meet their goals because they lack a holistic approach, leading to wastage of time, money, and resources. By incorporating the scientifically-proven yoga and meditation classes, you can create a winning workplace wellness program that revives and sustains employee wellness on a long-term basis. So, yoga and meditation is a crucial component of your corporate wellness program.  

Our Yoga & Meditation Programs

At Progno Health, we offer a wide range of yoga & meditation classes with welcoming choices of class timings, locations, and types of yoga. From beginners to the most advanced practitioners, we cater to all levels of attendees. Our different types of workplace yoga and meditation programs include:

  • Yoga & Fitness Classes 

  •  Yoga Boot Camps

  •  Mindfulness Skills Training

  •  Mindful Movement

  •  Guided Meditation Sessions

Our Core Expertise

1. On-site / Off-site Programs:

 We offer on-site and off-site live programs for assisted yoga and meditation in the following ways:

  • One-to-one on-site/off-site session

  •  One-to-group on-site/off-site session

  • Online session

2. Team of Expert Instructors: 

Our corporate yoga & meditation classes are conducted by some very senior and industry-recognized yoga teachers and meditation experts who ensure a high-quality experience for all attendees. 

3. Engaging & Innovative Sessions:  

Yoga doesn’t have to be serious and boring! So, we make our sessions more fun, humorous, and playful through engaging music and ambient lighting, leaving attendees feeling relaxed, refreshed, and de-stressed.

Key Benefits of Yoga & Meditation

Benefits For Employees

  1. Improved physical fitness and strength

  2. Improved balance, posture, and alignment    of the body  with increased mobility and        flexibility

  3. Reduced pain, stress, fatigue, mild                  depression, and  anxiety

  4. Improved focus, concentration, and clarity of work

  5. Reduced health risks

  6. Improved physical & mental health, overall wellbeing,  and quality of life

Benefits for Corporates

  1. Increased employee engagement,     productivity, and efficiency

  2.  More peaceful, calmer, and happier employees 

  3. Reduced healthcare costs

  4. Reduced employee absenteeism

  5. Higher job satisfaction, resulting in reduced staff turnover

  6.  Increased company attractiveness for potential employees seeking employment

Yoga & Meditation Program That Works For You

We also curate special yoga & meditation programs for your staff and communities that promote healthy habits and improve team engagement. These help to increase personal wellbeing and professional expertise. Our uniquely-designed yoga & meditation program will perfectly fit into your corporate group’s culture and mission and ensure complete employee buy-in.

Reviving Workplace Wellness Through Yoga & Meditation

Workplace yoga and meditation programs are easy to implement for any company that wants to leverage the benefits of more balanced, less stressed employees. If you are considering building a yoga and meditation practice as part of your corporate wellness program, then contact PrognoHealth. We have a wide variety of yoga and meditation programs offered by different providers. 

Call us on  +91 9510650660  to know more about our  yoga and meditation  program and schedule a session today!