A platelet count is a diagnostic test that determines the number of platelets in the patient's blood. Platelets, which are also called thrombocytes, are small disk-shaped blood cells produced in the bone marrow and involved in the process of blood clotting. There are normally between 150,000-450,000 platelets in each microliter of blood. Low platelet counts or abnormally shaped platelets are associated with bleeding disorders. High platelet counts sometimes indicate disorders of the bone marrow. The primary functions of a platelet count are to assist in the diagnosis of bleeding disorders and to monitor patients who are being treated for any disease involving bone marrow failure. Patients who have leukaemia, polycythemia vera, or aplastic anaemia are given periodic platelet count tests to monitor their health. It is a part of Complete Blood Count. It is always advisable to go for a complete profile, as the level of each test in the profile are considered while making the decision on diagnosis as well as monitoring the treatment.

Platelet Count

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