Electronic Health Record

Health information technology plays an important role in increasing our patient’s safety by virtue of the information contained in the electronic health record (EHR).

Full Body Health Checkup

We have made a substantial investment in Information Technology to make these records comprehensive, easy to decipher and accessible to the health care providers and patients likewise. The system has been designed in consultation with all the stakeholders viz. renowned medical practitioners, leading hospitals, IT experts and laymen to ensure that the system is robust and meets their needs. We also have trained CRM teams who make it their mission to lay ample stress on empathy and hand holding, making patients feel comfortable and at ease.

EHRs can enhance patient safety and provide safer health care through:

  • A complete picture of the patient’s health to doctors than paper records. This information can give doctors the information they need to evaluate the current condition in the context of the patient’s health history and other treatments the patient may be receiving.
  • In a crisis, EHRs can give those providing care, instant access to information about patient’s medical history, allergies, and prescriptions they can use to make appropriate decisions promptly, instead of waiting for information from test results.
  • Our EHRs incorporate warning systems to inform doctors of a likely clash in the current medication cycle of the patient and the newly prescribed medication. This information can prompt doctors to explore alternatives before a problem occurs.
  • Even the safest medical tests and procedures carry risk. Having a comprehensive EHR can reduce the risk of repeating them unnecessarily, leading to safer healthcare.