A. Preventive health check up or screenings are an affordable and effective way to identify hidden disease risk. For many people, getting preventive health check up  is the first step in early intervention to prevent potential health events later in their lives. Preventive Health Check up makes people understand their risks so that they can take right steps towards a healthier future.


A. Hectic lifestyle, obesity, lack of physical activity and exercise, mental stress and tension, pollution, alcohol and smoking – these are the major culprits for lifestyle diseases. Indians are at a much greater risk of heart attack due to high cholesterol levels. Many people are at risk for strokes and heart diseases but experience no symptoms. Early detection and control can prevent major consequences down the road, hence preventive health check ups are important.

A. Genetically, Indians are more prone to lifestyle disorders and they occur at a very young age. Heart attacks strike Indians under the age of 55, and 25% under the age of 40. 40% of heart attack victims do not reach hospital on time and 30% show no symptoms of attack until it is too late. Hence, in the Indian context prevention becomes very critical in saving lives, preventive health check up can save your life or deaeded disease to happen. 


A. It is advised by the top physician to go for preventive health check up or annual health check up atleast once in a year . This is a personal decision based on your risk factors and previous screening results. Many of our customers incorporate yearly screenings into their preventive healh care regimen to complement their regular health check up. 


A. You visit your doctor only when the need is acute. By that time it could be too late. Preventive health check-ups help you in identifying causes that could lead to lifestyle diseases by simple routine tests. This information helps your doctor to adopt the right course of treatment to prevent damage and manage your health better. Preventive Health Check up is important to ensure you are healthy and lead a healthy life ahead. 

A. No. There is a gap in the healthcare system: If you are asymptomatic, meaning you are not yet sick and feel well, but have risk factors such as age, family history of disease or certain health conditions, our nation’s system is not well designed to take preventive steps towards your good health. We are quite good at treating illness once symptoms occur, but for many diseases like stroke, the first symptom is a stroke. Four out of five stroke victims have no apparent symptoms or warning signs.

That’s why we offer simple, low-cost preventive health check up packages s to help you identify a problem as early as possible. Once you undergo our preventive health check up, your doctor can use our results to determine next steps, including ordering insurance-covered diagnostic testing and treatment if necessary.

A. There are many packages available, delpending on your age, family history and health condition we can suggest you the best suited preventive health package. A typical preventicve health check up includes tests for blood, sugar, cholesterol, urine, digital chest X-ray, liver profile, proteins, lipid profile, renal profile, pulmonary function test (PFT), stress test or ECG, PSA, gynecology consultation, physician consultation and dietary recommendations.

A. The cost of preventive health check up will depend upon the package you choose. However, we have designed a medically proven health assessment that can suggest you a package considering your lifestyle, health history and family health. The cost of health check-up packages can be in the range of Rs. 1000 – to Rs. 20,000 depending on the scope of the tests. The more expensive packages would include whole body MRI screening, CT 64 cardiac angiogram, 2-D Echo Doppler for cardiac investigations, etc.

A. Choose the preventive health check up package that you wish to have. Notify us about the date on which you would like to have the health check-up (other than Sundays and other public holidays). One of the most important tests is determining the blood sugar while fasting and hence please ensure there in no intake 12 hours prior to the test. These and other dos & don’ts are mailed to you well in advance. Please carry all samples and cultures that are necessary. At the centre, our executive will guide you through the test.Your reports will be available on the same day in the evening and these will be handed over to you by our consultant who will also advise on further course of action.

A. If the investigation reveals the need for further tests or consultations, you will be advised about these, so that you can have these scheduled immediately or later depending on your convenience.

Step 1: HR initiate annual health check up request by using Progno Health’s web portal

Step 2 : Employee gets auto email from PrognoHealth with login credentials to undergo his annual health check up as per his convinience. 

Step 3 : Employee login in to PrognoHealth website using provided credentials to book his annual health check up appointmnet. 

Step 4 : Employee books his/her appointment for anual health checkup at nearest diagnostic center or hospital with preferred day and time. 

Step 5 : Employee walks-in to diagnostic center on appointed day.

Step 6 : Health center will upload the reports & client will get reports by mail

Step 7 : PrognoHealth ‘s team of doctors authenticate report and put their final comment / health advice to complete the process of annual health check up. 

Step 8 : Employee/HR gets online access to final report & analysis. 

1.Minimum 12 hours of fasting is required before annual health check up. For Example-If you are having dinner at 9 pm, then you can give the sample at 9am. Any food, carbonated drinks, tea, coffee are not allowed during fasting period, only water is permitted .

2.For Annual health check up choose any day between Monday to Saturday.

3.For Annual health checkups on Sundays call us on 9510 650 660 two days in advance.

4.To avoid inconvenience, kindly confirm your appointment time with health centre before visiting.

5.While visiting health centre kindly carry copy of appointment confirmation received on your email or SMS and your Company I Card/ Pan Card/Driving License/Aaadharcard etc.

6.TAT for Annual Health Check up Health Report Card updating is T+7 working days post health check.

7.Fitness is sole discretion of concerned Doctors/Physician. Employer, health center or PrognoHealth can not influence the decision.

1. You will get Registration mail after registration done for annual health check up program by Admin/HR or your respective company, which also contains User ID & Password.

2. Login to our website & go to appointment section to book your appointmnet for health check up

3. Select Appointment date & Time according to your convenient & then select DC near by you.

4. Click the save button & then you will get Appointment Mail & SMS containing all the details regarding appointment.

1. One Pricing, One Process, Pan India for All Pre Employment Medicals. 

2. Access to Pan India Network Centres in 29 States & 300 Cities. 

3. Standardised process hence Quality is maintained across the board for all Pre joining Medicals. 

4. India’s leading Healthcare brands on our platform for Pre- Employmnet Health Check up . 

5. Internal process & quality control to ensure accurate results for Pre Employmnet Medicals. 

6. Fitness -Candidate can’t influence the fitness for pre employmnet health check up. 

7. Big savings for corporates compare to candidates doing on their own.

8. Pre-Paid option to eliminate NOT Joining by candidate post health check.

9. HR gets to know if candidate is serious in Pre-Paid option.

10. Healthy work force joins the organisation

1. PrognoHealth enters in the agreement with corporate to provide Pre Employment Health Check up. 

2. HR registers candidate on HR dashboard or sends the list of candidates to PrognoHealth on Daily/ Weekly basis fpr Pre-Employmnet Health Check ups to be conducted. 

3. PrognoHealth registers the candidates for Pre Employmnet Health Check up. 

4. Candidate receives Login Credentials for Appointment booking .

5. He visits the Health Centre & that’s it.

6. PrognoHealth Collates the reports & gives fitness

7. HR & Employee gets the access to see his reports & Fitness online

8. Post Fitness Appointment letter is issued.

9. Healthy Employees joins the organisation.

10. PrognoHealth raises the bill to corporate at the end of the month.

1. We Display your Package on our website.

2. In the offer letter you mention our web address & Unique Package Code.

3. Candidate visits our website & purchases the package by paying online.

4. Candidate receives Login Credentials for Appointment booking .

5. He visits the Health Centre & that’s it.

6. PrognoHealth Collates the reports & gives fitness

7. HR & Employee gets the access to see his reports & Fitness online

8. Post Fitness Appointment letter is issued.

9. Healthy Employees joins the organisation.

10. Corporate reimburses the candidate on bill submission.