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Knee Bursitis

Knee bursitis is an inflammation of a bursa located near the knee joint. A bursa is a small fluid-filled, pad-like sac that functions as a gliding surface to reduce friction and cushions the pressure points between the bones, tendons, and muscles near the joints.
Each knee has 11 bursae. An injury, infection, frequent pressure from kneeling or rheumatic condition can cause a bursa inflammation. Age also plays a role. As tendons age, they tolerate less stress, become less elastic, and tear easily. Knee bursitis most commonly occurs over the kneecap or on the inner side of the knee below the joint.
Knee bursitis causes pain and can limit mobility. Treatment includes self-care practices and medical management to relieve pain and inflammation.
Tips to reduce pain and discomfort
•    Rest the knee. Discontinue the activity that causes knee bursitis and avoid movements that increase the pain.
•    Use an ice pack for 20 minutes several times a day until the pain is less and the knee does not feel warm to the touch.
•    Use a compressive wrap or knee sleeve to reduce the swelling.
•    Raise the knee by placing the legs on pillows to reduce swelling.
•    Wear kneepads to cushion and protect the knees while working on your knees or participating in sports that put the knees at risk.
•    Take regular breaks if you are working for a prolonged period resting on the knees. Stretch the legs and give the knees a rest.
•    Avoid excessive squatting as it increases pressure on the knee joints
•    Lift heavy items properly. Bend your knees to reduce stress on the bursae.
•    Walk frequently. Try not to sit in one position too long, especially on hard surfaces.
•    Maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight places more stress on the joints.
•    Start the day with exercise. This will help the muscles protect the affected joints.
•    Warm up and stretch before strenuous activities to protect the joints from injury.

Knee Bursitis Treatement

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