CBC  ( Complete  Blood  Count )  Hemogram,  Complete  Blood  Profile.   

Why get tested?

The test is used to evaluate overall health. It also helps to detect a wide range of diseases and disorders. The CBC test measures various components of the blood which include Red blood cells (RBC) count, White blood cells (WBC) count, WBC (differential) count, Haemoglobin (Hb), Hematocrit (HCT, PCV-Packed cell volume), RBC indices (MCV- mean corpuscular volume, MCH- mean corpuscular hemoglobin, MCHC- mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration and RDW-red cell distribution width), Platelet (thrombocyte) count, Mean platelet volume (MPV).    

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Abnormal levels in cell counts as observed in CBC may indicate an underlying medical condition that requires further evaluation.

The function/importance of the above individual cell count is as follows:

Red blood cells (RBC) Count: RBC helps in the transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide inside the body. Low RBC count may lead to anemia, a condition that means the body is not getting the required amount of oxygen. If the count is abnormally high, it leads to a condition called polycythemia in which there are chances that RBC will clump together and may block blood capillaries. 

White blood cells (WBC) Count: WBC protects our body against infections. They attack and destroy bacteria/virus/or any other organism which causes infection. They are fewer in number as compared to RBC. When a person suffers from an infection, there is a rise in the number of WBC.

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WBC (differential) count: The major types of WBC are neutrophils, monocytes, lymphocytes, eosinophils, and basophils. Each type plays a different role in protecting the body and is part of the immunity system. The estimation of these cells helps to identify an infection, a toxic or allergic reaction, and many other conditions.

Hemoglobin (Hb): The hemoglobin molecule is present in RBC. It carries oxygen and also gives the red color to RBC. The estimation of Hb is a good measure to identify the blood’s ability to carry oxygen.

Hematocrit : (HCT, PCV-Packed cell volume): The test measures space (volume) taken up by RBC in the blood. The value is given as a % of RBC in the volume of blood. Along with RBC, it helps to identify if a person is suffering from anemia or polycythemia.

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RBC indices: There are three RBC indices: MCV- mean corpuscular volume, MCH- mean corpuscular hemoglobin, and MCHC- mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration.MCV shows the size of RBC, MCH value is the amount of Hb in an average RBC and MCHC measures the concentration of Hb in an average RBC. The test helps in the diagnosis of different types of anemia. RDW (Red cell distribution width) shows if the cells are all same or have different sizes/shapes.

Platelet (thrombocyte) count: They are the smallest type of blood cells and play an important role in blood clotting. When bleeding occurs, they form a sticky plug that helps stop bleeding. Too few platelets may lead to uncontrolled bleeding as plug formation may not occur. Too high numbers may lead to clot formation inside the blood vessels.

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Mean platelet volume (MPV): It measures the average volume of platelets. Along with the platelet count, the test is used to diagnose some diseases.

When to get tested?: When a routine medical exam is prescribed; like or when you have signs that may be related to any infection; at regular intervals to monitor treatment of a variety of diseases. The test is very common in nature and prescribed regularly for any ailment or treatment as a precursor. 

The test is common in Pre-Employment Health Check, Annual Health Check, Executive Health Check, Occupational Health Check, or general health check-up. 

Sample required: Blood sample drawn from a vein in the arm or a finger stick.

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Test preparation: None

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Reference results:

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This Test is also a part of Corporate Health Checkup, Pre Employment Health Checkup, Annual Health Checkup, and Health & Wellness Programs