Blood Grouping & Rh Type

Why get tested?

Blood types are based on the antigens on the surface of RBCs. Major antigens on human RBCs are antigen A and B and surface antigen Rh.

Blood group A means antigen A is present, blood group B means B antigen is present, blood group AB has both antigens, and blood group O had neither of these antigens. If Rh surface antigen is present, then blood type is Rh+ and if absent, then blood type is Rh-. 

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A person's body naturally produces antibodies for the antigens which are not present on our RBCs. The blood type A will have anti-B antibody, blood type B will have the anti-A antibody, blood type AB have neither of these antibodies, and blood type O will have both antibodies.

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This information is required when a person is to receive blood. It is critical to match a person’s blood type with the blood that will be transfused. If a person with blood type A and anti-B antibody receives blood with blood type B, his own antibodies will target and destroy the transfused RBCs, which will cause severe and even fatal complications.

When to get tested?

It is ordered on all donated blood. It is also performed when people require blood transfusion like in anemia, bleeding during operative procedures, injury, and bleeding disorders. 

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Sample required: Blood

Test preparation: Blood

This Test is also a part of Corporate Health Checkup, Pre Employment Health Checkup, Annual Health Checkup, and Health & Wellness Programs