June 26 is 'International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking'. The occasion offers a good opportunity to look at the health issues facing millions of children across the globe. Drug abuse is a serious threat to public health and safety, especially children and youth.

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The factors are responsible for drug abuse in children at youth range from Insecurity to a desire for social acceptance. Young people feel indestructible and tend to ignore the consequences of their actions, which makes them take dangerous risks - such as abusing legal or illegal drugs. You can help prevent such drug abuse by talking to the youth about the consequences of using drugs at the need to make healthy choices.

Causes of drug abuse

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• Attraction - smoking and drinking are widely promoted as habits enjoyed by sophisticated, fun-loving, and attractive people.

• Similar attitudes of parents toward tobacco, alcohol and other substances

• Easy availability of drugs

• Peer pressure

• Option to relieve pain, Insecurity or social rejection

• Refuge from academic failure

• Mental health issues, like depression

 Help prevent drug abuse in children & young adults

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* Communicate to your children about the risks of drug use and abuse.

* Be a good listener. Prevention starts when you start listening to your children talk

   about peer pressure; be supportive of their efforts to resist drugs.

* Set a good example. Don’t abuse alcohol or drugs. Children of parents who abuse

  drugs are at greater risk.

* Strengthen the family bonds. Work on relationships with children. A strong, stable

   the bond between you & your child will reduce the child’s risk of using or abusing


* Talk about what teens see or hear on television and websites. Show them television

   programs, movies, or websites that underestimate drug use.

* Help your children to make good choices and good friends.

* keep track of your child’s activities. Ask them questions and keep a track of their