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How to Stay Mentally Sharp ...

Tips to Stay, Mentally Sharp

Many times we all make silly mistakes, we tend to forget the smallest of the things like names, places, where we kept the things, etc, at the same time some people tend to forget important things like paying monthly bills on time or an important business meeting, or worst forgetting your spouses birthday!!!

This experience is called a temporary memory lapse, most of these signs are related to advancing age, but many youngsters also face this situation very often. These incidents may also occur due to an idle mind, or many things playing on your mind. These situations are sometimes very serious hence it is important to keep our minds sharp and alert all the time. The following are a few tips to keep your mind alert and sharp.

Goals and prioritize

Firstly, set goals for yourself and note down a list of priorities in a systematic order. Every day, make efforts towards realizing your goal. Prioritizing your goals will keep your mind focused and away from any kind of unnecessary distraction.

Repeat what you need to Remember

When you need to remember some important information, try to memorize it by repeating the information several times. The human brain is designed to form new patterns of repetition. You can also note down the information on a paper or in a diary, which you can refer to later, in case you forget.

Exercise your Mind & Body

 Daily exercise helps in keeping the body healthy but exercising the mind is equally important. Playing games like chess, monopoly, scrabble increases our thinking capacity, which eventually makes the brain sharp. Make a daily schedule of such exercises and maintain the routine. Reading is also a great exercise for the mind. Pursuing a hobby or learning a new skill also helps.

Associate with Smart People

Meeting smarter people and learning new things from them can boost our brain function. If you associate yourself with smart people, chances are you will be inspired by them, become more alert, and also share brilliant ideas you eventually start thinking the way they think.

Find time for Yourself

This is an important point. Don’t go overboard with socializing and meeting new people. Sometimes, being alone can help bring positivity to your mind, eventually keeping bad thoughts away.

Maintain Healthy Diet

Today’s generation only wants to eat junk food. They avoid eating veggies and nutritious food, which is important for both the body and the mind. Make sure to get a balanced and nutritious diet, This helps in staying physically as well as mentally fit. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle also means getting the right amount of sleep on a daily basis. A minimum of 8 hours of sleep is essential for everyone.

Keep Bad habits at Bay.

If you want to stay mentally sharp, it is important to avoid habits like smoking, drinking, watching TV all day, etc, Take up constructive hobbies and keep yourself busy. Make sure you are doing something productive. This will help you stay away from destructive habits.

Mental alertness is also linked to Vitamin deficiencies if your food is not carrying nourishment values, you may lack the required vitamins that will impact your mental alertness. Identifying the deficiencies with vitamin tests like Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, etc., and correcting deficiencies can improve brain metabolism and psychopathology.

Hence it is recommended to get your health check-up done regularly. if your company is providing you with the health check-up benefit, do check if vitamin tests are included in your health check-up package if not get them done separately.

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