Beware of Hospital acquired infections
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Beware of Hospital Acquired Infections

Hospital-acquired infections are infections that are acquired by a patient during his/her stay and soon after discharge from the hospital. These infections usually occur within 48 hours of admission and up to 3 days after the discharge. The infection can originate from the outside environment, another infected patient, or visitors.

Common Hospital Acquired Infections

Urinary tract infection (kidney and bladder infections)

Surgical site infection (an infection that occurs at the site of a surgical cut

Pneumonia (cough, chest pain, fever, and breathing problems)

Gastroenteritis (diarrhea, vomiting, fever)

Such infections need to be prevented as they can cause further pain and stress to the patients This will ensure the well-being of patients and also help them recover quickly.

Here are a few do's & don'ts to follow in order to avoid common infections.


Patients and visitors should wash their hands before and after using the toilet.

Limit your stay in the patient's room to 15-20 minutes.

Wear a mask and gloves before entering a patient's room.

Children below the age of 12 should not visit hospital patients.

Don't visit anyone in a hospital if you are sick.


Visitors should avoid using the patient's toilet.

Do not use perfumes when visiting a patient.

Do not cough and sneeze into the air using a tissue or handkerchief.

Don't bring outside food and drinks into the hospital.

Avoid physical contact with the patient and medical equipment.

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