Childhood Obesity
6 October, 2020 by
Progno Health Medical Team
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What is Childhood Obesity?    

Obesity has become as common among children as in adults. It is very important to be aware of this and train your kids to follow a healthy diet. Youngsters these days are highly addicted to junk food. With the rise of multinational fast-food chains like McDonald's, KFC, etc., and overconsumption of sugar-filled carbonated drinks like coke, they are more prone to diabetes.

Here are a few important health tips that you should follow to ensure a healthy life for your kid:

* Include more fruits and veggies in their diet; inculcate a love for fruits in your children. Use creative ways and innovative recipes to make them enjoy the goodness of fruits and veggies. For example, themed birthday or dinner parties, games designed to make kids eat right, etc.

* Exclude high-calorie, high-fat foods – a little bit of bribing and blackmailing is okay! Bribe them for treats if they reduce junk food. Or blackmail them to stop eating high-fat foods in order to receive some freebies.

* Reduce sedentary time – while it is good to spend leisure time at the library or with friends, try to reduce the number of time kids spend playing games or watching television. These days, a lot of young children are addicted to phones and spend almost all their day on the internet. This is not a good sign. Encourage your kids to keep the phone away.

* More physical activity – ensure your kid gets enough physical activity. Enroll them in a sports club or send them to explore swimming, badminton, cricket, etc. your yoga or gym center.  

* Inspire and lead by example – a lot of kids follow what their parents do. So ensure you follow the above tips as well. Don’t just preach and not practice.

 Lead by example so that your children feel inspired to follow you.

Nearly 15 to 20% of children in India are estimated to be overweight. And 30% of kids are at risk of obesity. These are alarming numbers for a country with a population of around 1.2, billion people. Hence, it is time that we identify the problem and fix it before it’s too late.

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