Bored of Walking as an Exercise
6 October, 2020 by
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Bored of Walking as an Exercise spice it up with these tips

The first time we walked in life, taking wobbly little baby steps while waving our hands in excitement, the world around us rejoiced. Our family took pictures and videos of this milestone. Our parents rejoiced and celebrated that we have walked our first walk. The ritual of celebrating the first walk of life speaks volumes about the natural importance of walking in our lives.

Fast forward to today and we are sitting on our work desks hardly taking out time for a walk. Why? Thanks to modern-day mobile app services that deliver and pick up everything for us, we are leading an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. In fact, experts say that sedentary is the new smoking.

Sitting all day can harm our bodies in the long run. It can affect our blood circulation leading to blockages, clots, and wastage of muscle mass. It weakens our metabolism, harming our ability to digest food, and absorb nutrients.

Hence, we need to move our bodies. While gyms, sports, and dancing are great workouts; for busy people who don't have the time, walking is the best exercise A few minutes of walking every day can work wonders. Walking puts all the muscles of our body into action and makes our heart and lungs improve their functiên.

A daily brisk walk can have these benefits:

* Maintain an ideal weight

* Prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes

* Improve overall health

* Improve balance and coordination

* Strengthen bones and muscles

If you understand the benefits of walking daily but are bored or lazy to actually practice it, use these tips to make things more interesting:

* Try new paths – Walk a different path every day. Let the explorer within you discover new sights, sounds, and smells.

* Seek company –  Make new friends and strike up conversations. Or convince your colleagues to join you and educate them about the health benefits of walking.

* Listen to music –  Nothing quite matches up to the joy of listening to your favorite music on your headphones while you engage your body in a brisk walk.

* Change your shoes – The shoes you walk in will change your experience of walking totally. Try on a different pair of shoes to pleasure your feet.

* Write a journal –  Document your experience of walking every day in a journal. Note any Interesting encounters you have and write about how you feel every day. After a month, go back to your first page and compare how you felt back then to how you feel now.

Once you make walking a daily habit, your body will soon experience its benefits. A happier and healthier body will eventually lead to a happier and healthier you.

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