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Be Careful About Overdosing on Antibiotics !!!

Antibiotics are no laughing matter. These are drugs that either kill bacteria or stop them from multiplying (hence the name: antis = against and bios = life). Antibiotics are expected to boost and support the individual’s immune system. People who are generally fit do not require antibiotics for common infections because the human immunity system is capable of dealing with them. Unfortunately, a growing number of people are becoming dependent on antibiotics. This is a matter of serious concern. Listed below are things you should know regarding the use of antibiotics:

Incorrect Usage: People generally use antibiotics for common types of infections such as cough, cold, sore throat, fever, etc., but in vain. Antibiotics are not really needed for such types of infections because they are caused by viruses, which do not respond to an antibiotic.


Kills Good Bacteria Too: Once inside our bodies, the job of antibiotics is to destroy pathogens, but it does not stop there. The destruction continues and affects the beneficial gut bacteria, which is crucial for the normal functioning of our bodies. This gut flora of the body has a tremendous impact on the health of a person. Not only do they keep the digestion good, but they also impact the person’s overall mood, the body’s metabolism, and so on. This is the reason why we sometimes say, “I have a gut feeling about this”.

Prescriptions on Demand: Sometimes, doctors are pressurized into giving their patients antibiotics because, otherwise, patients feel like they have been cheated of their time. This sort of pressure from educated but under-informed patients causes damage to the patients. It is always recommended that one should trust the doctor if he/she advises you against antibiotics.

No Effect on Superbugs: Another problem that is commonly overlooked about antibiotics is superbugs. These are bacteria that develop over time in a body when bacteria learn to resist antibiotics. Superbugs do not have any cure and so they are dangerous. Hence, excessive use of antibiotics can lead to the opposite of the intended effect, i.e., instead of building a stronger immune system, they end up weakening the immune system.

To sum up, it is necessary to understand that simply out of incomplete knowledge one must not succumb to the temptation of taking the quick way out of an illness, assuming that a regular antibiotic would be successful in treating all common infections.

Always consult your doctor before taking antibiotics. Furthermore, whenever you take a course of antibiotics, always ensure that you complete the course/cycle as prescribed.

By doing that, you will ensure that the drug dosage calculations made by your physician are delivered adequately. Most patients tend to stop their antibiotics half-way once they start seeing results. This is a wrong practice and must be avoided at all costs.

Once the course/cycle of the antibiotics is over, consult with your doctor and take a course of probiotics (and natural foods such as curds) that would replenish the lining of your gut flora and keep your immunity system strong. After all, doesn’t it make sense to create a life after destroying some?

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