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Beware of ‘these’ diseases that occur in the rainy season!

Take care of this in the rainy season

Beware of ‘these’ diseases that occur in the rainy season!

When the rain showers begin to fall, the whole atmosphere changes. So many find this season a dream . However, in this season, along with rejuvenation, some epidemics also come in droves. Therefore, special care has to be taken for health during this period. Many times mosquitoes breed due to stagnant water in places. Also, muddy water is often supplied. This can lead to fever, cold, cough or any other illness. Therefore, there should be sufficient information about the diseases that occur during this period, their symptoms, treatment. Let’s learn about some of these diseases

1. Respiratory Diseases-

Many times when we have a cold-cough and we ignore it. But if you get fever, cold or cough in rainy season, don’t ignore it. This is because coughs often turn into serious illnesses such as bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, and COPD. In such cases, the patient has to be admitted to the intensive care unit and given high quality medicines and oxygen.

2. Dengue –

It is caused by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that lay their eggs in rain-soaked clear water. The dengue virus enters the human body through mosquitoes. The disease causes high fever, excessive headache, joint pain in the limbs, and most importantly a thin reddish, itchy rash on the body, especially on the back. Not only that, but it also causes a rapid decrease in blood platelets. Bleeding from urine, defecation, sputum as well as internally.

3.Swine Flu-

If the weather is cloudy and there is a big difference between the maximum and minimum temperatures, H1N1 and other influenza viruses can cause swine flu.

4. Malaria-

Many times in the rainy season, puddles are formed by storing water in places. Anopheles mosquitoes breed in such puddles. These mosquitoes spread malaria. Symptoms of malaria include chills, low hemoglobin, and jaundice. In one form of malaria, the disease enters the brain and endangers the patient’s life.

5. Chikungunya

The virus is spread by Aedes mosquitoes in clean water. It lasts for two to three days with fever, headache, rashes on the limbs, especially the back, abdomen and waist, and excruciating pain in the joints of the limbs. This pain is very severe. The ankles, knees, and soles of the feet are especially affected by this disease. Simple walking, wearing thighs was also painful. Even if the disease is cured, the pain in the limbs will continue for a long time.

Take care of following things….

1. Avoid getting wet as much as possible in rainy season. Wear raincoats, hats, umbrellas, at least rain jackets and hats.

2. If it gets wet in the rain, dry the limbs immediately and put on clean clothes that are completely dry.

3. Hair should be completely dry, women and children with long hair should take this precaution.

4. If you have been soaked in rain for a long time and have mud on your body, take a clean bath with hot water.

5. Soak clothes soaked in mud in a separate bucket of water and do not forget to add two teaspoons of disinfectant like Dettol or Savlon.

6. It is important to take care that some worms or germs in the mud do not get into other clothes.

7. After a cold cough, sneeze in hot water. Avoid cold foods, soft drinks and juices.

8. Consult your doctor if you have high fever or cough does not go away in 2-4 days.

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