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World Heart Day

The World Heart Federation (WHF) organizes Word Heart Day September 29th every year to spread awareness of heart diseases and stroke prevention. Heart diseases and strokes are the most common and leading cause of death around the world. Around 17.1 million people die each year because of heart diseases.

The most common causes behind heart diseases and strokes are hypertension, heart attacks inflammatory heart disease, palpitations, coronary artery disease, high cholesterol, angina, heart failure infections in the heart, paralysis’, etc. WHF is a non-government organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. On World Heart Day, WHF organizes health check-ups, marathons, public talks, stage shows, exhibitions, etc a create awareness about preventive methods to reduce the risk of heart diseases and strokes.

Risk factors in heart diseases & stroke

• Consumption of tobacco and alcohol

• Smoking

• High blood pressure

• High cholesterol

• Obesity

• Diabetes

• Physical inactivity

• Stress, chronic anger, and anxiety

• Family history of heart disease

• Excessive use of the control drugs

What are the common symptoms?

• Pain or pressure in the upper body like neck, jawline, back, stomach, or in one or both arms (especially the left)

• Shortness of breath or abnormal breathing

• Speech difficulty

• Swearing

• Nausea or vomiting

• Light-headedness

• Sudden unresponsiveness to touch or sound

First aid for a patient during a sudden attack or stroke

• It is very important to maintain a healthy diet as there is a trend towards fast food, which is very unhealthy and has a lot of calories and fats. Eat everything in moderation and include lots of salads, raisins, bananas; tomatoes, and fresh juice in your diet.

• Your body needs physical exercise; walk for at least 30-40 minutes every day. Keep yourself active. If you sit for long hours, stand up and stretch frequently.

• Keep calm, meditate and do breathing exercises. Do not stress too much about anything and everything.

• If you smoke or drink quit this habit as soon as possible. These are the main causes of heart disease and stroke.

• Maintain a good cholesterol level. If your cholesterol is high, control it. Lose extra weight, if any.

• As the younger generation is more prone to heart disease and strokes today, an early diagnosis is a key to prevent them. Chest pain, burning sensation in the stomach, arm pain, throat pain, breathlessness, unexplained fatigue, or giddiness should not be ignored to Consult a doctor immediately.

• People who are obese, drink alcohol, smoke, or have a family history of heart disease should go for periodic heart check-ups,

• Have a proper and right amount of sleep, around 7-8 hours. Do not exceed because it increases the risk of stroke by 63%.

First aid for a patient during a sudden attack or stroke Prompt treatment for any kind of heart disease and stroke can save a life. Before any medical help arrives, the patient must be made to lie down. Loosen his/her clothing. Give oxygen if an oxygen cylinder is available. If nitroglycerine or Sorbitrate tablets are available, one or two tablets may be put under the tongue. Aspirin can also be given in a soluble form.

Any heart disease or stroke needs immediate treatment and medical attention as the first few minutes can be critical. Rush the patient immediately to a hospital.

Diagnosis and Prevention – In any heart ailment, timely prevention is very crucial if you get your annual health check done with tests like lipid profiles, stress tests and other cardiac biomarkers chances of lowering the risk of heart attack is very high. Hence it is recommended to get your self checked regularly, do not miss your annual health checkup and keep watch on your blood levels.

Daily moderate exercise for 30 to 45 mins is highly recommended for all age groups.

Daily consumption of Green & Leafy vegetables with sprouts and fresh fruits are helpful to keep the heart ailments at bay.

Living a stress-free life is most essential.. have some “me” time in a day…small walks in nature, talking to friends, any activity that gives you happiness should be a part of your daily routine and most importantly having a good laugh is the best medicine.

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