Happy womens Day
16 June, 2021 by
Progno Health Medical Team
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Happy Women’s Day !!!

Your health is your most precious asset. Good health allows you to fully participate in all activities, be at work, family, or social.

A healthy woman brings up a healthy family...

 Every woman can be healthy by following these simple tips

* Keep a check on your weight every week. Maintain a body mass index (BMI) of 23.

* Exercise every day for at least 30 minutes, household work accustomed exercise, It will not burn calories. Preserve your bones & muscles as you age.

* Eat healthy – reduce your salt intake, avoid ready-to-eat meals, pickles, high-calorie carbohydrates & saturated fats Eat more veggies & fruits. Eat natural foods.

* Check for a thyroid swelling (a butterfly shape in the tower part of the neck) when you

   look into the mirror.

* After 30, get blood sugar & BP tests done every year & a thyroid test every 3-Syros.

* Every girl should know how to perform a breast self-examination once she is a teenager

   It should be done every month after the periods and after menopause on a fixed day

   every month.

* Exposure to the sun every day for 30 mins (10 am — 2 pm) builds up vitamin D & keeps the bones healthy. Drinking milk and taking a calcium-rich diet protects you from osteoporosis.

* Folic acid should be taken regularly by all pregnant women & women with 'a low immunity to disease, it plays a vital role in cancer prevention. It is found In green leafy vegetables & fruits.

* Avoid caffeine & alcohol. They slow down the absorption of minerals that are Important

  in maintaining a healthy self.

* Get a pap smear done once a year, Cervical cancer affects more than 30% of women

   every year.

* Annual health check-up & doctor consultations will go a long way in keeping you


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