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 How do you remember successful companies? In most cases, it would be by the way the employees appear. Well-dressed in the best of health, with a smile on their face and a reassurance in their walk. Can you ever visualize an organization where its essential employees are sickly? Besides the looks, they could be bad for the books! Profits and growth of organizations are directly related to employee health, and more so of those at the helm of affairs. All it takes an organization to head south is for the head to not perform for a few months!

That leaves only ONE option for most employers. Pre-employment screening!

In most cases, this takes place after confirmation of employment and before the candidate joins the employment, and includes the following:

– X-raying the chest

– Testing the eyesight

– Audiometric tests to confirm a level of hearing

– Pathology tests

– For those in the food industry, there’s an additional set of tests that include:

– Testing the skin for ailments Testing for typhoid, jaundice and TB

– Gastrointestinal testing

– For those likely to operate vehicles and/ or work on shop-floors, the following tests are considered pertinent

– Tests to check the condition of the heart, heart-beat and pulse

– Tests to check for issues to do with liver, kidneys and blood-sugar (diabetes)

The need for pre-employment screening

As mentioned earlier, the health of employees is possibly the single biggest factor that affects an enterprise’s fortunes. To keep a healthy stock that works hard and achieves targets, the pre-employment screening is essentially the first line of defence. These help in the following ways:

- For the employer

o It ensures that only the fit join the service of an employer. Or that the management is well-informed of the conditions that affect individual employees so as to take requisite precautions.

o It ensures that jobs that match an employee’s health conditions are granted to the latter. This goes a long way in increasing employee morale, loyalty and also higher productivity. Costs may get lowered as the threat of a sudden demise or conditions worsening are reduced drastically leading to lesser outgoes on account of medication and multiple appointments.

o It ensures that a defined and definite sum of money is spent on employee welfare instead of worrying about the same perennially. This also lead to better negotiations for insurance and medication facilities in the backdrop of informed decisions.

o It ensure better employer-employee relations with the latter feeling wanted and respected.

- For the employee

o An incumbent is sure to know the status of his/ her/ their health, and take steps accordingly.

o An incumbent is free to consider joining or otherwise a particular job depending upon the latest available pre-employment screening results, and job description.

Most pre-employment tests consist of

Optional tests may include:

- Complete physical Examination

- Lab Investigations of body fluids and stool

- Complete Blood-related tests (26 parameters)

- Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)

- Blood Sugar levels both fasting and after food.

- Urine and stool tests

- Blood Group & Rh Factor tests

- X-RAY Chest

- Cancer tests


- HIV (For AIDS)

- SGPT, SGOT (For Liver)

- Cholesterol (Heart)

- HBsAg (Hepatitis)

- HCV (Hepatitis)

- Creatinine, Uric acid (Kidney)

- Any other as suggested by physician or as a result of the reports of the above-stated tests

In India, one of the best places to do Pre-employment screening is PrognoHealth. Its USPs include

–   The first true PAN-India Multi-Brand Health Solution Provider offering revolutionary Health & Wellness programs aimed at bettering employee health for higher productivity

–   Experience of close to a decade

–   Presence in 29 States, 500+ Cities, and over 1000+ network centres across India.

–   Uniform mode of working and quality standards across India at uniform prices

–   An aggregator of leading brands like Apollo Clinics, Express Clinics, Suburban Diagnostics, Care Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals, Sahyadri Hospitals, Spectra Hospitals, Nova Hospitals, SRL, NM, Thyrocare, Dr.Reddy’s, besides other leading hospitals and diagnostic centers across India

–   In-house team of some of the most experienced Doctors in their fields who ensure high service quality.

–   Easy online platform for booking health check-ups appointment for with just a click of a button.

–   Employees can choose service providers as per their choice, convenience and preference.

–   Facility to extend health packages to include family members of employees at the same discounted price.

–   Single dedicated helpline number for all health screening requirements across India.

–   Single dashboard for employer/HR to manage all health check-ups and view reports and analysis.

–   Facility for real-time status update of health screening.

–   Facility to view and download health reports online.

–   Facility across India for collection of blood for tests.

–   Corporate Health Analysis with the top 3 concerns.    

–   Extended wellness services based on the analysis of corporate needs.

–   Individual Health Analysis along with Basic Diet Recommendation

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