Full body check up
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Full body check up
Progno Health Solutions India Pvt Ltd, Sumeet Chikkmat
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May you live in interesting times! So goes a Chinese proverb. And interesting times the 21st century certainly is. While on the one hand, we have plenty to splurge and enjoy, on the other, the reason behind the ability to splurge and enjoyment brings to us our biggest downfall. Sedentary lifestyles where we don’t even move our fingers forget the rest of the body, eat foods that make sense only to the palette and everything possible to tickle sensory pleasures has brought our lives to a point where we have invited practically every possible disease on ourselves. Every part of the body is subject to some or the other disease that if not diagnosed and cured on time can prove fatal. That besides, our ways of living have made us slaves to bad habits like not eating on time, besides of course not eating well at all, not following great and healthy habits and the likes.

Add to this the external environment. Vehicular and industrial pollution has robbed us of the idea of pristine pureness. Everything from air to earth is polluted with all of it finding its way into out guts, and add to our miseries. 

How can we every remain healthy in these times? Despite the gloom, there is a silver lining, and that is by means of being aware well in time so as to take the right precautions. One of the ways of being aware at the right time is a Full-body check done at regular intervals that bring out the exact and latest status of the body, its sub-parts, their functioning and their state. Prevention being any day better than cure, these checks are sure to throw enormous and timely light on the existing state of our health, and make us take the right course of action- including course correction in the way we live.

At Prognohealth with almost a decade of experience behind us having dealt with medical examinations of every kind, we suggest a yearly full-body check-up which among others includes the following checks:

- Checking Dental health

- Checking Glucose levels

- Breast examination Pap smear for women

- Checking Blood pressure and Cholesterol

- Checking for certain types of cancers

- Checking BMI, waist and hip measurements

- For the sexually active, STD screenings

For those in their 40s, we advise additional tests including

- Ocular tests

- Checking for Type 2 Diabetes

- Checking for Cardiovascular diseases

- Checking for prostrate health in men, and 

- Mammogram for women

In your 50s and 60s, we include beside the above 

- Osteoporosis

- Visual acuity

- Bowel cancer screening

- Hearing impairment tests

Why is it important?

- Diseases including diabetes and cancer if detected early can be treated for full recovery. If delayed or otherwise neglected, these can prove fatal or may         never fully cure, and be a constant issue

- Existing diseases can be known for their condition and what needs to be done in the existing circumstances

- Lifestyle changes can be slowly included as part of life

- Monetary inclusions and changes can be planned which in the case of corporates may mean succession planning at the right time

- Living in doubts is one of the worst things possible. You can’t exist being the perennial fence-sitter forever. A full body test informs of diseases, their         extent, existence or otherwise informs and brings peace.

- It helps people take important decisions including travelling, companionship, child-bearing and the likes where commitment levels can be very high, and         a hasty decision can mean a life of regrets

Why PrognoHealth?

- The first true PAN-India Multi-Brand Health Solution Provider offering revolutionary Health & Wellness programs aimed at bettering health for higher         productivity and happy living

- Experience of almost a decade with presence in 29 States, 500+ Cities, and over 1000+ network centres across India.

- Uniform mode of working and quality standards across India at uniform prices

- An aggregator of leading brands like Apollo Clinics, Express Clinics, Suburban Diagnostics, Care Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals, Sahyadri Hospitals, Spectra         Hospitals, Nova Hospitals, SRL, NM, Thyrocare, Dr.Reddy's, besides other leading hospitals and diagnostic centres across India

- In-house team of some of the most experienced Doctors in their fields who ensure high service quality.

- Easy online platform for booking health check-ups appointment for with just a click of a button.

- In case of corporate entities, their Employees can choose service providers as per their choice, convenience and preference.

- Facility to extend health packages to include family members of employees at the same discounted price.

- Single dedicated helpline number for all health screening requirements across India.

- Single dashboard for employer/HR to manage all health check-ups and view reports and analysis.

- Facility for real-time status update of health screening.

- Facility to view and download health reports online.

- Facility across India for collection of blood for tests.

- Corporate Health Analysis with the top 3 concerns

- Extended wellness services based on the analysis of corporate needs.

- Individual Health Analysis along with Basic Diet Recommendation

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