Keep your joints healthy
16 June, 2021 by
Progno Health Medical Team
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Keep your joints healthy

Extra body weight may cause strain on the joints, particularly the knees.

Exercise regularly to improve and maintain a healthy bone density, walking, and jogging are good.

Warm up before exercise to allow the muscles to loosen up and avoid injuries.

Don't over-exercise - the body needs time to repair.

Change your sitting and standing positions frequently to give specific joints some rest.

Proper footwear is important for bone and joint health Women who use high heel shoes regularly have a 10 times greater chance of developing joint pains and problems.

Take adequate doses of calcium & vitamin D Exposure to sunlight allows the body to manufacture vitamin D from cholesterol, even 15 minutes per day is enough.

Excess alcohol intake has a direct effect on bone strength

Smoking is toxic and can affect bone density.

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