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How to protect Skin during winters?

The onset of winters brings dryness, flaking, cracking & even eczema to the skin of the face, hands & feet. The thin layer of oil on our skins that generally traps moisture becomes a magnet for dry air.

For beautiful skin in winters

• Start the day with an ancient Ayurvedic ritual: Drink a  glass of warm water with lemon juice to assist your body in removing toxins. Make a special effort to include hydrating beverages.

• Avoid dehydrating drinks like tea, coffee & alcohol.

• Limit exposure to hot water. Warm water will cleanse the skin without the drying effect.

• Use regular soap. Deodorant soaps often contain antibacterial ingredients & fragrances that irritate the skin.

• Spend time in moisturizing. End the bathing routine with a skin oil or lotion. Applying moisturizers immediately after a bath is the best way to retain, water.

• Eat right, take vitamin & mineral supplements, exercise regularly & have enough sleep

• When traveling to hill stations, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to the face and hands, 30 minutes before going outside. Women should use creams with at least 45 SPF (Sun Protection Factor).

• Exfoliation is the removal of dry skin cells on the surface. Instead of rehydrating dry skin cells, exfoliate the skin to remove the dry cells & then moisturize the new skin cells.

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