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How to protect from harmful UV Rays?

We all know that UV rays have harmful effects on our skin. With the soaring temperatures, it’s even more difficult to stay protected from the harsh sunlight. Here are a few easy tips that can help you stay protected from UV rays.

Wide-brimmed hats; Wear caps and hats that have a wide brim. It may feel a little strange In the beginning but you’ll soon get used to them.

Full sleeved clothes: Wear long-sleeved shirts/kurtas and pants /salwars or skirts. Avoid sleeveless tops, shorts, or clothing that exposes your skin directly to the sun.

Avoid going out at noon: The sun is right above us at noon and the risk of exposure Is very high. So stay indoors during lunchtime as far as possible. Step out only after 4 pm. Use an umbrella.

Choose the right sunscreen: There are many sunscreens available In the market. Choose the right one for your skin type. Consult a beauty expert or a salesman at the shop to help you pick the right one.

Wear genuine sunglasses: Buy branded sunglasses or those bought from a reputed shop. Avoid wearing cheap ones. If you wear spectacles, buy a pair with sun protection filters.

Drink lots of water: The most commonly shared tip yet the most ignored one! Drink a lot of water. Don’t argue. Go drink water right now

Avoid caffeine and energy drinks: Caffeine and energy drinks dehydrate your body. So avoid them. Even regular meat-eaters should be careful as the body needs extra water to digest meat properly, So cut down on the meat.

If you can follow the above Ups with discipline, we bet no UV rays can harm you.

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