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Why use Vaseline?

Vaseline petroleum jelly is made up of natural mineral oils and waxes. It was discovered by Robert Chesebrough, a chemist in 1859. In the early days, it was known as wonder jelly and later named Vaseline, derived from German Wasser (water) + Greek ὲΛaiov (oil).

Have you ever thought about the many different ways we can use Vaseline in our day-to-day lives? You will be surprised after reading this. Here are some of the unique ways of using Vaseline:

* Dab some Vaseline on your wrist and the sides of your neck before you spray a perfume – it will last for the entire day.

* Apply Vaseline before going to bed on your feet and wear socks. The next morning you will wake up with soft feet.

* If your favorite body lotion is getting over add some Vaseline to prolong its life.

* Is your ring tight and too hard to remove? Vaseline Can help remove it.

* Apply Vaseline on your forehead before coloring your hair it helps remove the stains easily.

*Apply a layer of Vaseline on your pet’s food bowl; it will keep the ants away.

* After shaving applies Vaseline to avoid rash and burns.

* Use it for immediate relief from sunburn.

* Use Vaseline to insert your earrings, it is not painful and the earrings go in smoothly.

* Vaseline will lighten the make-up stains on your clothes.

* Warm some Vaseline and apply it on the shoulders to relax your shoulder muscles.

* It soothes nappy rash.

* Rub it on the teeth to make them shine.

* It makes your beard easier to style.

* It makes your head shine if you are bald.

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