30 – 35 is the most crucial period of our lives. Driven by career goals and several responsibilities, these years bring out the best in us. But more often than not, in our attempt to achieve everything, we ignore our health and invite a lot of trouble in the future. ProHealth packages are designed to screen all vital systems of your body so that you can bypass all speed bumps that may come in your way.

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1. Lab Investigation (39)

Urine Analysis(11)

Profile/Test Name:

Urine Routine Test-11

Volume ,Colour ,Appearance ,Ph ,Specific Gravity ,Urine Protein ,Urine Glucose ,Red Blood Cells ,Epithelial Cells ,Casts ,Crystals

Blood Infection Screening(13)

Profile/Test Name:

Complete Blood Count-13

Basophils-Absolute Count, Eosinophils-Absolute Count, Lymphocytes-Absolute Count, Monocytes-Absolute Count, Neutrophils-Absolute Count, Hemoglobin, Total Leucocytes Count, Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin(Mch), Mean Corp.Hemo.Conc(Mchc), Mean Corpuscul

Diabetes Screening(2)

Profile/Test Name:

Blood Sugar Tests-2

Fasting Blood Sugar, URINE SUGAR

Kidney Function Screening(3)

Profile/Test Name:

Kidney Function Test-3

Blood Urea Nitrogen,Serum Creatinine,Uric Acid

Liver Function Screening(2)

Profile/Test Name:

Liver Function Test-2


Cardiac Risk Assessment(8)

Profile/Test Name:

Lipid Profile-8

Total Cholesterol ,Hdl Cholesterol - Direct ,Ldl Cholesterol - Direct ,Ldl / Hdl Ratio ,Non-Hdl Cholesterol ,Tc/ Hdl Cholesterol Ratio ,Triglycerides ,Vldl Cholesterol
2. Other Investigation (2)

Cardiac Evaluation (1)

Profile/Test Name:



Chest Evaluation (1)

Profile/Test Name:

Chest X-ray-1

Chest X-ray
3. Personalized Health Report Card

MER & Doctors' Advise

Diet & Nutrition Advise

Exercise Recommendation

4. Electronic Health Record

Access to Online Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Soft Copies of Medical reports available on EHR.

Upload your old Medical Record on EHR.

5. Online Appointment Management

Book your appointment online

Receive Confirmation on email and SMS

Receive Reminder of appointment

6. Special Features

Personalised Health Account

Health & Medical Analysis

Diagnosis & Test Recommendation

7. Other Features

Add Family Members

Store Insurance Record Online

Get Tax Certificate Online

8. Digital Health Platform
Check package availability in your city


Service Delivery: Diagnostic Center
Package Category: Male, Female
Age Group: 18 Years & above
Family History: Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Thyroid Disease
Risk Factor: SmokingObesity,, Alcohol, Physical Inactivity, Vitamin Deficiency
Diseases: Asthma, COPD, Diabetes, Hepatitis B, Kidney Disease, Obesity, Vitamin deficiency
Symptoms: Breathlessness, Chest pain, Frequent Urination
Location: Ahmedabad,Aligarh,Alwar,Amritsar,Aurangabad,Bangalore,Beharampur,Bewar,Bharatpur,Bharuch,Bhopal,Chandigarh,Chennai, Chiplun,Coimbatore,Dehradun,Delhi,Durgapur,Faridabad,Gandhinagar,Ghaziabad,Gorakhpur,Gurgaon,Guwahati,Hosur,Hydrabad,Hyderabad,Indore,Jabalpur,Jaipur,Jalgaon,Jamshedpur,Kannur,Kolkata,Kota,Lucknow,Mandsaur,Mangalore,Margao,Meerut,Mumbai,Mysore,Nasik,Nashik,Pathankot,Pune,Sangamner,SriGangaNagar,Srivilliputtur,Surat,Tenali,Thane,Tirupati,Trivandrum,Ulhasnagar,Vadodara,Wapi,Vapi,Varanasi,Vishakapatnam



Prohealth Is A Primary Test Package Which Would Determine Lifestyle Diseases Like Cardiovascular Disease,Diabetes,Hormonal Imbalance.


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