About Us

Quality healthcare services play an indispensable role in securing the health capital of a country. However, the concept of ‘Preventive Healthcare’ has been completely ignored in the Indian scenario. A meagre 2% of the India’s total population focuses on it.

PrognoHealth is a unique healthcare ecosystem, designed to spread awareness about preventive healthcare and save lives through a state-of-the-art diagnostic centre and alliance partnerships with leading healthcare providers (doctors, specialists, speciality hospitals, allied service providers and insurance firms). As part of our unique initiative we offer a gamut of Health Management Packages for individuals, Corporates, Pre & Post Insurance Check-ups, Health Advisory Services and Electronic Health Records (EHRs). All these services are provided so that we can improve the quality of life for individuals and prevent lifestyle diseases.


PrognoHealth is India’s first Retail Health Aggregator that is all set to revolutionize the way people look at integrated healthcare. We have to our credit an advanced Health IT infrastructure that is user-friendly with real time analysis and easy to interpret interfaces that help you take quick yet informed decisions in those critical hours when you need it the most. To help achieve this, we use cutting edge tools for real time analysis of critical data designed by Quicsolv Technologies, a global health IT major.

Why PrognoHealth Solutions?

People First
  •  At PrognoHealth, people and their health is the highest priority.
  •  We spread awareness on preventive healthcare and how it can enrich your life.
  •  We bridge the gap between patients and medical practitioners.
  •   We strive to improve the availability and accessibility of medical services and are building the largest network of competent and reputed medical practitioners, hospitals, insurance companies and allied health services as part of our ecosystem.
Corporate Health care
  •  We mentor organizations and companies in securing their health assets and thereby improving organizational productivity
  •  Our custom build preventive health programmes for employees help reduce absenteeism and curbs spiraling health costs
  •  We help improve the morale of organizations by creating positive environments through health
  •  PrognoHealth helps reduce Occupational Overuse Syndromes
Your Health Information is Just a Click Away
  •  Our revolutionary EHR (Electronic Health Records) service is a repository of all your health information in cyberspace
  •  Now access your records from any part of the world, at any point of the time, and find out how you are doing health wise at the click of a button
  •  Our EHR system is easy to decipher and accessible to you as well as your healthcare providers
  •  This robust system is the first of its kind in India and has been developed in consultation with stakeholders viz. renowned medical practitioners, leading hospitals, IT experts and laymen.

Vision & Mission Statement

"Our Vision"

To be a leading company in curtailing mortality, creating a healthy and productive India where lifestyle diseases are under control through awareness and preventive healthcare.

"Our Mission"

Create a Healthcare Management ecosystem to control the proliferation of lifestyle disease by creating awareness and preventive health check up plans. Establish ourselves as a single source, health service provider for affordable and accessible quality healthcare